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We - that is the team behind of - we love Hawaii From the black lava landscapes the Big Island to the famous Waikiki Beach on Oahu. That's why we would like to show you the beautiful islands in the Pacific Ocean, and above all, we want it to be a hawaii vacation according to your taste. Maybe you like hiking, want to be pampered in a luxury hotel or go with the rental car travel from city to city? We are looking forward to your wishes and create your own Hawaii vacation together with you. Use the form to contact us without any obligation. We will take a lot of time for your request and answer you as soon as possible. Of course you can also contact us via Facebook. You can easily get the latest information via Twitter or through our regular newsletter.

With all the trimmings - our vacation packages.

Hawaii Vacation Packages
Hawaii Vacation Packages

We are well prepared for your Hawaii vacation - on our travels through the island worlds, we have the most beautiful places and hotels. discovered on the islands. Again and again we are drawn to Maui, Oahu and the other main islands of Hawaii. Through this we get to talk with the locals and learn real Insider tips and explore hot spots like beach areas of the pacific, which no other tourist can find. On our homepage you will therefore find a lot of links to the Weather, to recipes or to the dictionary Hawaiian - German.

We want to share our experiences with you and so we have complete programs for the trips put together. Depending on how many days you want to travel to Hawaii, you can easily shorten or extend these ready-made travel plans. Especially if you are traveling to Hawaii for the first time or if you decide on a specific theme - then our ready-made programs are just right. The clear water of the Pacific Ocean attracts many Diver every year. We present you trips around the theme Diving together. You will discover the most beautiful parts of Hawaii's underwater world - from the Kealakekua Bay off Hawaii Island to the famous Hanauma Bay from Oahu to Molokini, a small island off Maui.

Hawaii is THE paradise for Surfer - every year here are held major international competitions of the best surfers. Do you love surfing? Then we will take you to the best waves of Hawaii within your vacation duration. One of the highlights is definitely the North Shore of Oahu with its huge waves in winter time. You prefer to explore the mainland of the Hawaiian Islands? We have great packages for you for your Hiking trip laced. It looks like this: You get to know Maui for six days on the best trails. Then it goes on to the Big Island - the largest of the Hawaiian Islands you get to know on the well-developed hiking trails - for example in the Volcanoes National Park of Hawaii. The volcano Mauna Loa with 4170 meters is probably a bit too high for your hiking trip, but it always offers you a great backdrop. After these hikes through breathtaking volcanic and rainforest landscapes you deserve to relax. How about three days at the Waikiki Beach from Oahu?

You love City trips ? We have put together great itineraries for your own cultural trip. So you can be sure not to miss any important place on Hawaii's islands. You should spend at least one day in the megacity of Honolulu The skyscrapers are reminiscent of large American cities. On round trips with a rental car you come to small gems and you are very close to the locals. Discover old fish ponds on your travels, with which the Hawaiians bred their fish centuries ago, explore magnificent temples in the rainforest and stroll through traditional stores and boutiques. A Car rental round trip is especially suitable if you want to see a lot of Hawaii in a short time or if you are traveling with your family and children.

Create your own Hawaii vacation with our travel kits.

Travel modules from
Travel modules from

Our complete travel plans are carefully thought out. They are especially suitable if you are particularly fascinated by one topic. They also take a lot of the work out of planning your Hawaii trip. Especially if you have never been to the Hawaiian Islands before, we recommend these complete packages. Exemplary are these for a certain Travel time designed. But if you stay a few nights longer or unfortunately have less vacation days available - then just talk to us. The itineraries are very flexible and can be easily shortened and stretched. In the case of the hiking package, for example, we can offer you a hike to Waikiki Beach after your rest. Diamond Head in. This way you will also discover the picturesque landscapes of Oahu. From up here you have a unique view over Honolulu.

You'd rather have a little bit of everything on your Hawaii vacation? Hiking, surfing, on "the beach" relax and experience the fresh cuisine of Hawaii? Then our Travel modules just the right thing for you. You can access the catalog via the sitemap. Click through these modules and you can pick out the best offers for you. Whether everything fits together as you imagine it - you just have to ask us. You can reach us via our Contact form.

These travel modules cover a few days - but the duration varies greatly from topic to topic. You can see directly how long you should plan for the respective travel module. Hiking is a good way to actively get to know the nature and culture of the islands. If you want to book a longer vacation, at least one hiking tour should be included. There are good hiking routes on all the main islands. Especially popular is the Garden Island Kauai with hikers. On Kauai you can hike in national parks like the Kokee State Park discover rare species of plants and animals. Of course, there are different routes depending on the level of difficulty. Then you still have time for our Cultural package. In three days you will travel to important places of the Pacific world and you will go back to the beginning of history.

Your very own Hawaii trip: We plan it with you!

To Hawaii you will travel a few hours flight from Europe and for this reason your trip should be worthwhile and exactly your wishes and ideas Correspond. Maybe there is one thing or certain excursions that you absolutely want to do on your Hawaii trip? Then just write us a request and we create a plan with you, in which we include your wish. Therefore, this service is also free of charge for you. We are also very grateful to you for this, because we gain even more ideas for new vacation packages and building blocks for travel.

For Individual travel we are always open. On a rental car tour through Hawaii you can get a great picture of the versatility of the island state, but individually designed trips lead you exactly to the highlights you want to see. With eight main islands, individual trips should also be roughly planned in advance - so you won't be annoyed afterwards to have missed a place. Of course, we will always help you find the right hotels for your needs.

Your heart beats for a certain Hawaii Island? Then let our Island reports your heart will beat faster. Contact us and we will put together your individual vacation program for Kauai or any other Iceland - for example with a Round trip and excursions to the most beautiful places. But also popular is the island hopping or Island hoppingYou "hop" from island to island while traveling and can get to know them all on vacation. On your next trip, you may decide on your favorite island. You can also relax and explore the world of Hawaii on a cruise. On the cruise you will stop at the most important ports. So you also come to smaller islands like lanai or Molokai over.

You want to take your planning into your own hands? No problem, as soon as you have questions, just talk to us and we will find a solution. We will tell you how to plan a visit from the Grand Canyon of Hawaii This service will show you how to best incorporate Waimea Canyon into your adventure trip, which national parks you should definitely visit, and where to find the most romantic places for your wedding trip. This service is of course complete for you free of charge and without obligation - We are always happy to help and advise you in your search. Even if it's just small tips - for example, where you can book your rental car at the best price. Data protection has the highest priority in our travel and mediation.

From flying to Hawaii to the beautiful Hawaii hotels.

Just to Mallorca in two hours - that's how easy the flight not to Hawaii. If you leave from Europe, you usually have to change planes once in the USA. From there flies the famous Hawaiian Airlinewhich gives you the special Aloha Spirit already on the flight to Hawaii. The international flights come for the most part in Honolulu - the capital of Hawaii - but also to Hilo and other cities on the islands there are airports for international flights and island hopping. Generally, you should book early to save on flights and hotels - but we can also get you great last minute flights from Munich, Frankfurt and other major German cities.

You can for example in New York on the east coast or San Francisco or Las Vegas change planes in the West. It's a good idea to pay a visit to the U.S. metropolises at the same time. Either on the outbound or on the return flight, you can plan a few days in New York or the major cities in California and Florida. You won't miss Las Vegas, Los Angeles or San Francisco in a hurry. You can store your larger luggage in the airport. Besides the USA, there are also connections in Canada. If you have some time, you can immediately go on an adventure in Canada's nature or on a city trip in Canada get involved.

Flights to Hawaii vary greatly in price depending on the season. We know what we are talking about, because we ourselves are looking for the Cheapest flightwhen it once again goes to paradise. That's why we are happy to help you find the right flight - no matter if you want to travel alone, with your loved one or with your whole family. Just let us know and we will find the best offer for your desired travel date. Of course, we can also give you general information about the best times of the year to book and travel to Hawaii.

So that you are mobile on the islands and can travel quickly from the airport to your accommodation, our team will quickly find the right rental car for you or for you. In the hotel you spend every night of your vacation - so you should choose the hotel well. Depending on the location of the hotel, you can go on excursions day after day to discover the region. Hotel and resort to the vacation apartment or even to the Vacation home is unbelievably large in the Aloha State - each island offers fantastic accommodations, especially on the coastal sections, with a huge range of leisure activities and good connections to shopping malls, highways and to the city centers.

Hawaii luxury hotel
If it may be something more: Luxury hotel on Hawaii

On Maui count the Royal Lahaina ResortMaui Coast Hotel, Four Seasons or Kaanapali Beach Hotel are among the most popular and highly rated hotels. The Seaside Hotel invites you to explore West Maui. On Waikiki Beach in Honolulu you will find one luxury hotel next to the other: We recommend here the Hilton Hawaiian Village or the Aston as accommodation. On Kauai the Aqua Beach Resort in Lihue, which is a great experience with a large pool area and a beautiful spa area. The sunny beaches of Poipu are also home to dream hotels such as the Sheraton Kauai . If you want to travel to the Big Island, there are nice hotels around Kona with great leisure facilities: for example Kona Seaside Hotel. Are you looking for another accommodation? Just let us know and we will find you hotels, apartments or campsites according to your wishes.

Just contact us and we will definitely find the best hotel for you - romantic, luxurious, cheap - with golf course, pool and offers for surfing and snorkeling. Whether you want your Hawaiian vacation to be all-inclusive or you prefer to take care of the food and activities yourself - that's up to you. We look forward to your request and make your trip an unforgettable experience.

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