Kīlauea Iki Trail

Suitable for:
Active traveller, nature lovers
Insider tip or tourist spot?
Known and much going on
Insider Tip
Time needed:
2 hours
Optimal arrival time:
08:00 o' clock
Suitable for:
Active traveller, nature lovers
Insider tip or tourist spot?
Known and much going on
Insider Tip
Time needed:
2 hours
Optimal arrival time:
08:00 o' clock

Profile of the hike

Distance total:
3,35 Kilometer
Distance uphill
1,83 Kilometer
Distance downhill
1,53 Kilometer
Altitude meters uphill
157 Meter
Altitude meters downhill
- 157 Meter

Kīlauea Iki Trail - Beschreibung

The Kīlauea Iki is a crater on the rim of the caldera (crater) of the Kīlauea volcano located on the Big Island. In the Hawaiian language, the name means "little Kīlauea".

Kīlauea last erupted in 1959, producing lava fountains up to 600 meters high that covered several square kilometers. As the lava cooled, it revealed large craters. Although the last eruption was some time ago, the crater is not considered extinct. It is then called a "dormant" volcano.

With a length of 5km and a slope of 180 meters, this tour is classified as easy. Nevertheless, the descents and ascents are somewhat steep.

From the capital Hilo, take Highway 11 southwest to Volcanoes National Park. In the park, do not drive towards the Visitor Center, but turn left. After a short time you reach the parking lot of Kilauea Iki Overlook, where the Thurston Lava Tube is located. From here you already have the first view of Kilauea Iki. Right at the beginning you hike through lush rainforest and dive directly into nature and witness active volcanism. You will experience one of the few rainforests in Hawaii that is exclusively covered by native plants and large ferns. Besides some active places, from which still lava and sulfur steam rises, you will also find flowering plants, such as the Ohia Lehua tree with its red flowers.

What we say

I walk this trail on every one of my Hawaii visits. It's a great pleasure in the sunshine, but you can also walk the trail in the rain and then you usually have it to yourself. The eerie atmosphere with clouds and fog definitely has its charm as well. People interested in volcanoes should rent an accommodation in Volcano. In the national park, you can easily plan 2 days to visit not only the tourist hotspots, but also to take lonely hikes.
Our checklist & tips:
  • Walk early in the morning to avoid the tour buses (come around 10 am)
  • For the national park you have to buy a car ticket for 30$ at the entrance. However, it is valid for 7 days.
  • Even at night you can drive into the park and visit the craters. In clear weather and full moon a special pleasure, then you can see the Milky Way above the craters. Only hiking should not be done at night!

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Map and contact data

Crater Rim Drive, Pahoa, HI 96778
Longitude: -155.23876800291265
Latitude: 19.413571562293363

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