Kukui Trail

Suitable for:
Active travellers, nature lovers, couples
Insider tip or tourist spot?
Rather unknown and little going on
Insider Tip
Time needed:
4 hours
Optimal arrival time:
08:30 o' clock
Suitable for:
Active travellers, nature lovers, couples
Insider tip or tourist spot?
Rather unknown and little going on
Insider Tip
Time needed:
4 hours
Optimal arrival time:
08:30 o' clock

Profile of the hike

Distance total:
7,21 Kilometer
Distance uphill
3,57 Kilometer
Distance downhill
3,57 Kilometer
Altitude meters uphill
704 Meter
Altitude meters downhill
- 704 Meter

Kukui Trail - Beschreibung

The Kukui Trail is one of the most beautiful hikes in Waimea Canyon. However, with 700 meters of elevation gain over 7 km, it is very steep and strenuous. You will be rewarded with sensational views of the canyon, numerous wild mountain goats and a refreshing swim in the Waimea River, which meanders through the valley. It starts at Milemarker 9 toward Kokee State Park. Roadside signs point to the Iliau Nature Loop and Kukui Trail.

We walk a short distance uphill from the road and start there with the Iliau Nature Loop, which forks into two directions right at the beginning. Both paths lead to the turnoff to the Kukui Trail after a few minutes. We take the shorter trail to the right and pass numerous Iliau plants on the plateau. This plant is unique to Kauai, it blooms only once and is related to the "silver sword" that grows in Haleakala Crater on Maui.

Afterwards, the Kukui Trail branches off to the right. Shortly after, we descend into a koa forest and on a dusty path down the steep and sandy slopes of the canyon. After only about 10 minutes of walking, a first viewpoint awaits us with magnificent views of the canyon landscape.

Due to this difference in altitude over a relatively short length, the trail is very strenuous and only suitable for experienced hikers. If there has been rain in the previous days, the trail is not recommended. The red canyon soil becomes like soft soap and it is almost impossible to walk this steep trail.

In the end, the trail leads through a forest and a former riverbed. When you see the toilet house and the picnic table of the Wiliwili camp, you have reached your destination. Shortly after, you can hear the Waimea creek flowing, which invites you to a picnic.

What we say

I walked the trail several times and never got bored. The views into the canyon are breathtaking and there is a silence in the valley at the Waimea River that you rarely experience. In addition, you can observe wild goats. It is important to take enough to drink with you. Even on my second hike, I didn't have enough with me. Like in an oasis, there is an orange tree at the Wiliwili camp, where you can take some "emergency" fruits. When the sun shines, it becomes very hot, sweaty and exhausting and your mouth dries out quickly because of the dusty canyon air. So it is better to carry 3 or 4 litres rather than only 2 litres. You are happy about every drop you have with you... Because of the heat at noon, an early start is recommended.
Our checklist & tips:
  • Enough water (at least 3 litres)
  • Sunscreen and hats
  • Sturdy footwear (preferably proper mountain boots with a solid sole)
  • Either in the early morning hours or towards the evening. This is when the light conditions and shadows are the most beautiful
  • Pack a bathing suit to swim at the Waimea rivulet in the canyon valley

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Map and contact data

Kokee Rd, Waimea, HI96796
Longitude: -159.65995287965174
Latitude: 22.05162166349688

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