Makapuʻu Beach Park

Suitable for:
Active traveller
Insider tip or tourist spot?
Well known, but not overcrowded
Insider Tip
Time needed: 1-2 hours
2 hours
Optimal arrival time:
Does not matter
Suitable for:
Active traveller
Insider tip or tourist spot?
Well known, but not overcrowded
Insider Tip
Time needed: 1-2 hours
2 hours
Optimal arrival time:
Does not matter

Current weather and surf conditions

Stand from: 24. November 2022, 02:55:03
83° Fahrenheit
Wind: East at 9.2 MPH (8 KT)
Surf Conditions
3-5 feet
Nearshore: high
Offshore: high

Makapuʻu Beach Park - Description

Hiking, whales and bodyboarding at Makapuu Beach Park

Watch bodyboarders in the massive waves, lie lazily in the warm sun or hike to the Makapuu Lighthouse lookout. Hidden by black lava cliffs and surrounded by Hawaii's green nature, Makapuu Beach Park in east Oahu is a popular destination.

Surrounded by black cliffs, Makapu Beach Park is located at the foot of the cliffs in the east of the island. Even from the highway, the view is breathtaking and the route is even one of the most beautiful highway sections in all of Oahu. The highway was carved into the massive stone of the black lava rock mountains, winds along the cliffs and offers a unique view of the picturesque Makapuu Beach, the sparkling turquoise blue water as well as the two offshore islands Rabbit Island and Kaohikaipu Island. The beach of Makapuu Beach Park is a popular destination, especially for bodyboarders.

Here are the ideal bodyboarding conditions for professionals. But beware, beginners and those who are insecure should rather keep their hands off bodyboarding here. The waves at Makapuu beach are full of strength and very dangerous. Even near the beach and for good swimmers, the waves are much too powerful and whirl everyone who is in the water around with full force. Unfortunately, many accidents have happened on this beach and this is also the reason why the red flag is hoisted almost all year round. Those who don't enjoy the cool water anyway and visit beaches rather for sunbathing can spend relaxing days at Makapuu Beach. Here you can lie lazily in the sun all day, stretch your toes in the warmed sand and watch the adventurous surfers.

Makapuu Beach Park offers another highlight. If you can't stand lying in the blazing sun for hours, you can take a 2-kilometre hike from the beach to the Makapuu Lighthouse. The paved path there winds through the green nature of Hawaii, past the cliffs of the coast to the Lighthouse. The lighthouse offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the neighbouring Rabbit Island and Kaohikaipu Island. On the way to the lighthouse, there is a lookout point. With a little luck, whales can be observed, which pass this point from December to March on their journey.

Directions and parking:

Makapuu Beach Park is about 25 minutes away from Waikiki and easy to reach from there. Via Highway 72, past the famous Hanauma Bay, the parking lot of the beach park is located shortly after that on the right side. The beach is just as easy to reach by bus. Just take bus number 22 from the beach in Waikiki, get off at Sea World and walk to the opposite beach.

What we say

Adventurers and adrenaline junkies get their money's worth when bodyboarding on this beach. For visitors, simply watching the manoeuvres of the surfers in the gigantic waves is a highlight.
Our checklist & tips:
  • Whale watching from December to March
  • Bodyboarders paradise
  • Strong waves, too dangerous for swimming
  • Visit the lighthouse and enjoy the view
  • Free parking

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Map and contact data

Longitude: -157.659906329200
Latitude: 21.310951850300

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