Sharks Cove

Suitable for:
Nature lover, families
Insider tip or tourist spot?
Known and much going on
Insider Tip
Allow time:
2 Hours
Optimal arrival time:
no matter
Suitable for:
Nature lover, families
Insider tip or tourist spot?
Known and much going on
Insider Tip
Allow time:
2 Hours
Optimal arrival time:
no matter

Sharks Cove - Description

The dazzling underwater world of the famous Sharks Cove

A surfer's paradise in winter and a popular snorkeling destination in summer. Crystal clear water and a colorful underwater world with a variety of sea creatures invite visitors to explore the famous Sharks Cove on the North Shore of Oahu.

In the north of Hawaii lies a cove that few places in Hawaii can rival. The famous Sharks Cove is equally known for surfing, but also for snorkeling. During the summer months, the water becomes calmer and Sharks Cove is a great place to explore the underwater world while snorkeling. Don't worry, despite the name, the chances of actually sighting a shark are very slim. There are different theories how the name came about, some say the cove looks on aerial photos as if a shark had bitten out a piece of land, other theories say the complete shape should describe a shark. How it really is now, everyone may decide for themselves.

During snorkeling in the summer months, visitors are treated to a colorful underwater spectacle and visibility is impeccable except on rainy days. Corals are few and far between, but rock formations and ledges are abundant. Reason enough for countless schools of fish to cavort in Sharks Cove. Here you will find all colors, such as blue and yellow surgeonfish or colorful parrotfish. Moray eels and green sea turtles also cross the paths of adventurous snorkelers. Special attention should be paid to sea urchins, which sit in all the small holes in the rocks. At the edge of the bay the water depth is two to four meters, inside it is four to six meters.

Once the summer months are over, Sharks Cove turns into a paradise for surfers who plunge into the gigantic waves and conquer them. Generally snorkeling is still possible then, but due to the strong swell it is much more dangerous and not advisable. The waves have enormous power and hurl you quickly onto the rock formations or the reef. This does not stop risk-taking surfers from throwing themselves into the gigantic waves. Those who come to snorkel should rather postpone this to another day in case of bad conditions for the sake of safety.

Good to know, information for visitors

Facilities at Sharks Cove:

Visitors here only have the option of using provided washrooms with showers and toilets. A picnic area with benches, grill and other amenities is not given here. Nevertheless, you can quickly grab one or two delicacies at the snack bars or restaurants opposite.

Since there are no attendants or lifeguards on site at Sharks Cove, visitors should take care of themselves and others both in the water and on the beach.

Directions and parking:

The easiest way to get to the North Shore is by car. From Waikiki it is about an hour's drive. On the highway always follow the signs to Haleiwa/North Shore and from Haleiwa keep east. After a short while the famous Sharks Cove is already signposted and it doesn't take long to reach the associated parking lot. Since only a few parking spaces are provided, you should be there early to get one.

Those who do not have a car can resort to the public bus, but this requires a large time investment of over two hours each way.

What we say

One of the most beautiful snorkeling spots on the island on the days and absolutely recommended. Unfortunately, no longer an insider tip. Being there early is worth it.
Our checklist & tips:
  • Check weather forecast beforehand
  • Food trucks on site
  • Possibly water shoes
  • Child friendly

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Map and contact data

Longitude: -158.06282273315819
Latitude: 21.64980241105211

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