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Individual tours - Hawaii according to your ideas

Just get on the plane and don't worry about the hotel and have to worry about planning the day? Admittedly, that sounds very relaxed. But it sounds boring to you, and you want to Pacific Islands experience like no one before? Then our individual tours are definitely the right choice for you.

You decide how you want to spend your time in the Pacific Paradise. We are happy to help you realize your ideas. Just talk to us about what you want to do in the Hawaiian Islands absolutely want to see and experience. We combine it with you to a well-rounded dream trip.

Are you drawn to the Big Island with its black volcanic landscapes with the enchantingly colorful tropical plants? You want to spend the next day of your vacation in a picturesque bathing bay enjoy? How about a trip to the beginnings of the republic? Then discover the old coastal villages or learn more about the culture of Hawaii in the numerous museums of the islands. How many days you plan for which experience is up to you. But we as passionate Hawaii experts are happy to give you tips.

Whether nature, beach, history or action - if you want, connect everything for you on your trip.

If you want to get to know as many facets of the islands as possible, you can choose an individual trip. Or you can fly to Hawaii to experience the underwater world at the Diving to discover. Then we plan your own diving trip with you and you get to decide which places are included in your itinerary. Do you want to Oahu explore intensively, or are you looking forward to Island hopping to find the most beautiful places of all Iceland? We are open to all your ideas.

Whether you go on an adventure alone or with a group, whether it's just a few days or several weeks in Hawaii - the main thing is that we send you on your own dream vacation. In the travel agency it often goes too fast and the consultation usually ends with a few short conversations.

We take time for you and your travels. As passionate Hawaii fans, all of our customer consultants understand each other and we always let our own experiences flow into the advice.

Your very individual travels, simplified by our travel modules

You can experience Hawaii individually, but you don't have to miss out on inspiration and ideas for your trip. For completely planned trips, we offer you our vacation packages on the best themes in Hawaii. More flexible are our Travel modules for your individual trip: Do you want the surfing deepen on your journey?

Then you get a free planning for one or more days with us. In the travel modules we tell you where you can find the great surf schools and hotels, at what time you should arrive and we put together the most important offers and information for you at a glance. Just click through our travel modules or get informed comfortably by our newsletter. With our newsletter you will receive news about your trip by mail. hawaii vacation - from current events to important news and new building blocks in our offer. Of course, our newsletter is free of charge 🙂

This is what you can expect from our advice and planning of your Hawaii travels

We are more than a simple travel agent. Rather, we see ourselves as Hawaii lovers from Germany, who also want to ignite in you the passion for the island republic. That is why we ourselves high demands on our service .

This already starts with the first contact. Free of charge and without obligation, you can ask us anything about Hawaii that is on your mind. We will answer you quickly and around the clock. Either you write us a Mail, take Contact via the form up or you call us directly. There is always a person from our team there for you, not just an automated computer program.

When it comes to planning your trip, we are there for you personally and respond to your wishes as best as possible. Unlike in a travel agency, we do not want to sell you a trip, but simply accompany you to your personal dream vacation. As true experts around Hawaii, you can expect from us an profound knowledge on all topics on the islands await you. Hotels, diving courses, rental cars and the best hikes through Hawaii's unique landscapes - we advise you without obligation and book for you on request also from Europe. So you don't have to book your excursions on the spot.

We show you the highlights of Hawaii

Why Hawaii of all places? Around the world, equatorial regions in Asia, South America, and Australia offer you fabulous Weather and unique landscapes. But the eight tourist-developed islands of Hawaii are simply more versatile than Costa Rica, Namibia or New Zealand. Here await more than 20 climate zones on you.

You can hike in the mountain landscapes at temperatures around freezing point, in Honolulu meet cultures from all over the world or see some of the most beautiful beaches marvel at worldwide. There are fantastic conditions for surfing and diving and Hawaii is worth a trip all year round. This opens up an incredible number of possibilities for your personal travels to paradise. We want to give you some examples of how your individual trip could look like with our advice:

Travel with a difference: discover the volcanic landscapes on the Big Island

You want your very own tour about the main island of Hawaii? Then waits a contrasting backdrop of pitch-black lava soil and magnificently colorful plant worlds for you. On the way in the volcanic landscapes you hike on well-developed routes that lead you up to the highest mountains of the island.

The Big Island is an excellent destination for your individual trip - especially if you want to get to know Hawaii away from the tourist hustle and bustle. We will gladly take care of booking your hotel. We will also advise you on what you can add to your hikes. The Volcanoes National Park about borders one of the most charming beaches in the world.

Here you relax in the black sand in front of the rushing waves of the rocky coast. At the Kona coast great offers are waiting for you to explore the underwater world while diving. You decide for yourself how your days in paradise will go.

Let the sun shine on your belly at Hawaii's most beautiful beaches

In our vacation packages for your beach vacation in Hawaii we show you the most beautiful beaches and bays of the islands. Hawaii's beaches are repeatedly ranked in the press as the best in the world. Whether on Twitter or on Facebook - the rich and beautiful also sunbathe in Hawaii. Maybe you've already discovered many of the beaches on your trip or you're drawn to a very special stretch of beach? No matter how many people join you on your trip - we will create a dream trip with you, on which you can to your favorite beaches you reach.

Around the beaches there are other attractions that we would like to introduce to you. Unlike in a travel agency, we do not want to plan your trip alone, but it should be completely to your taste. Just tell us the duration of your vacation and your desired destinations and we will connect them with you. You will receive information about the price and the individual offers. Depending on whether you are traveling from Hamburg or if you are on Round trip from China, Africa or Central America - an individual beach vacation in Hawaii is a perfect way to relax and explore.

Pure action - on land and in the water

Luxury and beach vacations are not your thing? Then go on your own adventure and spend yourself in the numerous sports offers on the islands. In just one week you can try your hand at surfing - for example in the high waves in Oahu's north. This fits a safari under water to exciting underwater caves and a Kayak tour on the Wailua River. Hawaii is the perfect destination for individualists and adventurers.

Backpack and explore the green forests of Kauai, then rent a car and head off to your next adventure. See how exciting the volcanic islands are on Facebook or in our gallery. Depending on how many days you stay, you will discover a particular island or enjoy the diversity while island hopping.

We will register you for sports courses on request, so you don't have to worry about anything on site.

Learn about the exciting history of Hawaii during your travels

A group of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean offers not only breathtaking landscapes, but also the Culture is not like any other country . Whether from Sri Lanka, the Philippines or Europe - the many immigrants have enriched the culture of Hawaii for years. The many coastal villages with their melodious names await your visit with many museums and exhibitions. Here you can learn about the history of whaling or go spearfishing.

Learn more about the life of the locals far away from the tourist strongholds. Take a look at our homepage and tell us what fascinates you about Hawaii's culture. We will be happy to incorporate individual trips into your further vacation planning. Do you want to go on to Thailand or Laos or did you just come from a surf camp in Portugal or Ecuador? Our jobs are not only about making Hawaii a special experience for you, but we also want to integrate the trips into your vacation planning as best as possible.

Curious? Then we look forward to planning your adventure trip with you! We from the Hawaii Vacation Team wish you a trip that exactly matches your taste and exceeds your expectations. Whether before the trip or already on the road in Hawaii - we are there for you at any time. Let your ideas and wishes run free - without obligation and without costs you contact us. Thanks to several years of experience on the Hawaiian Islands, we are a competent and motivated partner to make travel to Hawaii a very special experience.

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