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Dive into another world with our diving trip building blocks

Whether sun worshipper or explorer - Hawaii is a paradise for all travelers. Unexplored like Antarctica, exotic like Thailand and romantic like the Maldives. Not only on land, but also under water, you can discover uniquely colorful and diverse worlds. On a diving safari you explore the dreamlike underwater worlds that line up around the islands. As a beginner you start the diving trips at Oahu's Hanauma Bay . Besides the Kona region on the Big Island is a sought-after destination for novice and experienced divers alike. With its rugged cliffs, Kauai's Kee Beach brave and skilled divers. Under the surface of the sea, dazzling fish, peaceful turtles and incomparable coral reefs await. But also dive in Hawaii's history Diving safaris take you to abandoned shipwrecks and experienced locals take you spearfishing. For more thrills, dive with giant manta rays or enter narrow lava tubes under the sea. We are happy to share our passion for Hawaii with you and we are sure: Whether off the Maldives, Egypt or in the Caribbean - there is no more beautiful underwater world in the world than in the South Pacific.

Use your trip to Hawaii to learn how to dive

On the larger beaches of Hawaii the search for a diving school does not take long. For each region you will get a tip from us for the school with the best diving courses. The Nautilus Dive Center on the Kona Coast is very popular. Our team will also give you information about prices and dates. Just tell us how experienced you are in diving. Do you want to dive with Snorkelling in the picturesque Hanauma Bay or should it be the Adventure in lava tube be? If you are staying in Hawaii for several days or weeks, why not get to know the surroundings on your dive trip. The hotels. or your resort are in no way inferior to the luxury of the Maldives or the Azores. There are chic malls around the resorts and you can quickly get there with the rental car to Hawaii's sights. We are happy to order for you and look for the best deals. For example, if you explore the Hanauma Bay while diving, then stay right on Oahu and plan the diving experience into a Oahu round trip in. Or you can join an exciting hiking vacation in lonely landscapes - even deserts like in Mozambique, Sudan or Oman can be found here. Tips for your diving safaris you will get via our newsletter. In the Home section of our website you will find more exciting topics for your trip. Where is the perfect hotel or resort for you and what kind of flight do you take best? Of course, this is part of our service. We have already explored large parts of Cocos Paradise and look forward to sharing our experiences with you. You can access our vacation packages directly from our homepage. In the sitemap you will find more valuable information about the pacific vacation. Without obligation you can inquire about the diving trips at Facebook , about our Contact form or directly by phone. We are ready to answer all your questions. During your trip we are also happy to advise you around the clock. The main thing is that you and your travel partners are doing well in paradise. By the way: You will get inspirations and ideas by mail in our newsletter and not only about your liveaboard. Just try our newsletter and let us heat up your wanderlust.

Welcome to the diver's paradise - this is what is special about the Hawaiian Islands

Strictly speaking, the volcanic islands do not belong to the South Pacific, but they will enchant you with the charm you know from pictures, videos and stories. In the South Pacific are Palau, Yap and the other small islands of Micronesia, as well as Galapagos, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. These are all romantic island paradisesthat put your previous trips to Malta or anywhere else in the Mediterranean in the background. From Hawaii there are offers to visit Palau, Polynesia and the other island worlds in the South Seas. You can also reach the Philippines and Indonesia from Hawaii. What just ignites our passion for Hawaii as a diver's paradise? Once it is the wonderfully warm and clear water of the Pacific Ocean. You don't freeze at any time of the year and the visibility is always at least 30 meters. These are the best conditions for scuba diving, snorkeling and freediving. In addition, there is a huge variety of species and colorful reefs and atolls. More than 600 species of reef fish counts Hawaii and some of them you won't find anywhere else in the world. Lugging dive gear? No thanks! The local dive guides will take care of that. In the many dive centers you can rent the right diving equipment. The professionals will assemble and check everything. They also transport your equipment to the place where you want to discover the water world. Special service you have with a Divemasterwho is there entirely for you. Group trips out to sea are much cheaper and are offered several times a day. More information is available from our customer advisors. We will be happy to show you the program of the individual dive centers on the beaches of Hawaii. We will gladly inform you on site as soon as there are special offers or specials of the many diving schools.

History lesson under the sea surface: dive into a real shipwreck

You spend several nights in Hawaii and dedicate yourself completely to diving? Then we recommend the shipwrecks that rest on the seabed near the coast of Hawaii. Many other diving paradises like the Caribbean, Egypt or Malaysia cannot offer you such excursions. For the dives you usually need a diving license. You can get it during your vacation, because the experienced diving instructors at the "the beach" offer you professional diving courses. Off Oahu's south coast lie three sunken ships at a depth of 30 meters. On the tour you explore the ship ruins, which you usually only get to see in movies. With an underwater camera you will capture the experience. Around the Hawaiian Islands are more shipwrecks, which you can discover on tours. You can get current dates of the diving schools from our customer advisors. We will also provide you with information on how to get there, a suitable hotel and share tips with you on how to best incorporate shipwreck diving into your daily schedule.

Without any equipment: try apnoea diving

The more than 600 reef fishes you won't get to see during classic diving, because they react fearfully to the heavy diving equipment. So called Freediver experience the creatures much more intensively - they come into closer contact with the rare marine animals, even dolphins are suddenly very close. Freedivers or apnoea divers stay under water with their own breathing air - without oxygen tanks or other diving equipment. Experienced freedivers stay more than five minutes under water and cover more than 80 meters of depth. In the diving courses you will learn their special breathing techniques and everything you need to know about apnoea diving. Off the Kona coast you can swim and play with tame dolphins. Freediving gives you the feeling of freedom and independence. Once you have learned it in Hawaii, you can profit from it on your further travels. Whether off Mexico, South Africa or Costa Rica - magnificent underwater worlds are waiting to be discovered. Have we made you curious? Then contact us without obligation for more information about freediving. We will tell you more details and destinations around the topic of apnoea diving in Hawaii and pack your personal package for the diving trip.

Go spearfishing with the professionals

Even the native Hawaiians fed on the ocean. They caught the fish with the help of a spear. The technique is widespread in large parts of the Pacific, such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Spearfishing is also practiced in Malaysia and other areas of the world. Even today, many Hawaiians have mastered the technique of spearfishing and they look forward to teaching it to you on your dive trip. Before you go on the hunt, the professionals will instruct you on the Handling the spear bring you the Swimming and diving techniques and show you the rules and limits of spearfishing. In our packages for diving trips you can combine spearfishing with freediving courses and feel the freedom without special diving equipment. We will be happy to provide you with the corresponding catalog and the latest information about the courses. Spearfishing in Hawaii you will learn from the pros - if you travel further, you can use your knowledge in Indonesia, Ecuador and other dream destinations.

Embark on an adventure in Hawaii's underwater world

With its pleasant water temperatures and breathtaking breathing diversity, the South Pacific is a diver's dream par excellence. Whether you dive off Micronesia with Palau and Papua New Guinea or off the coast of the Philippines or Indonesia - once you have discovered the South Pacific, you won't want to dive anywhere else. The South Pacific around Hawaii also awaits with rare fish and coral species is waiting for you. But you can not only discover the most beautiful underwater worlds, but also get your adrenaline pumping. We have collected the right dives for you for the thrill.

Diving with manta rays? In Hawaii this is possible

How does it sound: To dive once with one of the biggest fish in the world? The manta ray appears with its Span up to 6 meters almost scary. But don't worry, the rays don't hurt people, they are incredibly peaceful and neither prickly nor poisonous. You can make friends with the giants of the sea on a boat tour in front of Kona Island. In the dark, the tour guides attract the rays with spotlights and you can see them gliding through the water. Here at Kona Island you can come into direct contact with them as long as you have a diving license.

A special for experienced divers: The Lavatube

Besides Iceland and the Galapagos Islands, Hawaii is known for so-called lava tubes: narrow tubes of hardened lava. The thin lava of the Hawaiian volcanoes offers the best conditions for such tunnels to form. Hawaii Island has a particularly large number of these lava tubes - even below sea level. In the west of the island the lava tubes off the Kona coast are very popular. With the Divemaster you dive alone or in a group trip down to the Entrance at a depth of 30 meters and then your way leads through the long lava cave. The idyllic and diverse flora and fauna here in the sea is unique. You can surface at any time through openings in the lava ceiling, but this trip is not for the faint of heart. Have we whetted your appetite for liveaboards on Hawaii's shores? Then we are looking forward to your questions and your own ideas. In our packages we send you to exactly the destinations that are suitable for you as a diver. Whether on round trips or to special places - our customer consultants share with you the necessary information, news and their personal travel reports. Either you have after your diving trip even more desire to the Pacific - for example to the dreamlike Micronesia with Yap and the other islands or you want to use your diving knowledge on the Bahamas or before Bali. For sure you will come back to Hawaii - because in one diving vacation you will not be able to explore all the most beautiful places of the island.
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