Welcome to Honolulu!

Hawaii's metropolis with aloha flair

Aloha! I am Honolulu and something like the gateway to Hawaii! Since King Kamehamena I chose me in 1845, I have been the capital of the Republic of Hawaii. I have replaced the coastal town of Lahaina on Maui and have been growing ever since. For the Hawaiians, I am the center of politics and economy and for tourists, I am the first port of call: you arrive at Honolulu International Airport and I offer so many sights like no other city in Hawaii. I am a year-round experience. Also of course because of the beautiful Weather here in South Oahu.

Skyline Honolulu Waikiki
Honolulu - Waikiki Beach Sunrise

Even in winter, temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees and you can go swimming in the warm water. But in summer, it also doesn't get too hot in Honolulu. With an average temperature of 27 degrees, you enjoy the perfect beach weather every day to relax at Waikiki Beach. My pleasant climate is also suitable for historic Old Town trips or excursions to the legendary Pearl Harbor.

Moreover, it hardly rains here all year round. Every day, the sun laughs from the sky. Waikiki has especially dry weather in my old town and the western area. There can be light showers in the east of Honolulu and the mountainous parts, but they pass quickly.

My five districts

Sure, when you think of Honolulu, the first thing that comes to mind is Waikiki Beach... The fancy boardwalk behind the "the beach" and the characteristic hotel towers behind it. Admittedly, the Waikiki district is already the hot spot for tourists from all over the world and you will certainly stay in one of the beautiful hotels. to spend your vacation.

But I offer so many more activities: From my downtown district with historic buildings and shopping to scenic bays and hip residential neighbourhoods in Eastern Honolulu. Each of my five districts is worth a visit and has its unique charm. In this text, you'll find a section on each Honolulu district and information about their sights and activities .

Downtown Honolulu

The heart of Oahu: Here in Downtown Honolulu are the most important government and commercial buildings of the island. The State Capitol, Washington Place and Honolulu City Hall are the most significant government buildings. The district is the political and economic centre of Honolulu and all of Hawaii. You will also find a lot of museums and sights here: During a walk through the historical old town, you admire the Iolani Palace. The palace, richly decorated on the inside, was built for King Kamehameha I, who made Honolulu his capital.

You can reach the statue of our King Kamehameha I on foot. Your guide will surely recommend the Kawaiahao Church. In the first Christian church in Hawaii, masses are still held today. You will find it near the Iolani Palace. In addition, downtown stands the once-tallest building in Hawaii, the Aloha Tower. A Chinatown like in New York is also here in Honolulu. Besides Asian markets with fresh food, traditional temples are also part of the picture of Chinatown. By the way, here you can also find the trendy clubs and restaurants in the city. They enjoy very good reviews from tourists.

WaikikiWaikiki Beach Surfboards

In my district Waikiki, life pulsates around the clock. Here the hotels and resorts tower high and most vacationers in Honolulu stay in Waikiki on their trip. Waikiki is framed by the Ala Wai Canal in the north and the endless Pacific Ocean in the south. To the east rises the Diamond Head crater. During a hike of 1-2 hours, you can climb up Diamond Head. You have a unique view over Waikiki Beach, the skyscrapers of Honolulu and the shining Pacific Ocean from up here. The most important streets in Waikiki are Kalakaua and Kuhio Avenue.

This is where the hotels, restaurants and stores are lined up over several kilometres. You will find clubs and bars to enjoy. The fine white sand of Waikiki Beach shines in front of the well-kept beach promenade. Kuhio Beach and smaller beach sections make up the most famous beach on Oahu. Maybe take surfing lessons from the pros? Waikiki Beach, for many the home of surfing, offers many surf schools where you can book a lesson.


The quieter Manoa-Makiki district borders downtown Honolulu to the north. Here, my landscape becomes more mountainous. You have a great view of the Koolau Mountains, which replace the tall buildings of the metropolis. A highlight in the landscape is the extinct Punchbowl crater. At the top of the crater, you'll find the military cemetery that commemorates the nearly 40,000 fallen soldiers, the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

Manoa-Makiki district is also home to the main campus of our Hawaii Pacific University. This is also the neighbourhood where none other than U.S. President Barack Obama grew up. The hospital where he was born still stands unchanged, as does his school and the ice cream parlour where he earned his pocket money. We create tours for you so that you can follow in the footsteps of Obama.

Eastern Honolulu

The Eastern District of Honolulu is home to gorgeous sandy beaches and rocky shorelines - perfect for beach and water activities. Eastern Honolulu consists of five residential areas and the district extends to the southeastern tip of Oahu. You have a great view at the Makapuu Point State Wayside . To the west is Diamond Head and the beach district of Waikiki. A highlight of the beaches is the romantic Hanauma Bay. The protected bay with calm waves is not only popular with sun worshippers.

In the clear water you will see countless colorful fish and corals. No wonder Hanauma Bay is the hot spot for snorkeling and diving trips. Because of its unique environment, the landscape around the Hanauma Bay classified as a Nature Preserve. On the way to Makapuu Point is also the Halona Blowhole, through a cave under the shore, the water sprays through a hole in the surface. In the Eastern Honolulu district, you will find the Kahala Mall and the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center in addition to dream beaches.

Western Honolulu

The Western Honolulu district is the first place you will see when you come to Honolulu. This is where Honolulu International Airport is located. The western district consists of three residential areas and is much quieter than the adjacent downtown.

Western Honolulu is best known for the most famous harbor in Hawaii: in the military harbor Pearl Harbor World War II began for the USA when Japanese air raids destroyed the harbor. Today, Pearl Harbor is still a U.S. military base, and you can visit the USS Arizona Memorial and important museums about the port's history. You can get more information at the Pacific National Monument, Visitor Center. With the Bishop Museum nearby, this district also has the largest museum in Hawaii.

Selected sights around Honolulu

Waimea Bay (Beach Park)

Surfer's paradise and popular bathing beach - the multifaceted beach of Waimea Bay Surfing spot or ideal bathing bay? Wai...

Waimanalo Beach

About a half-hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki Beach, this beautiful, long, wide and dur...

Waikiki Beach

Dreamlike long sandy beaches, sparkling turquoise water and the backdrop of the famous Diamond Head in the background. ...

Ulehawa Beach Park

Located on Oahu's west coast, just off Farrington Highway, you'll find this quiet, mile-long stretch of beach...

Sunset Beach Park

Surfing, snorkeling and lazing on Sunset Beach A breathtaking beach of Oahu, a paradise for surfers in winter and...

Sharks Cove

The dazzling underwater world of the famous Sharks Cove. In winter the surfer's paradise par excellence, in summer a popular...

Sans Souci Beach (Kaimana Beach)

This stretch of Honolulu beach is especially popular with families because the sea here is very shallow and the current ...

Sandy Beach Park

Dream beach for experienced bodyboarders and surfers. The surfer's paradise par excellence. Sandy Beach is especially for two thing...

Popoiʻa Island (Flat Island)

Located only about 400 meters from the coast of Kailua Beach, this tiny island, also known as Flat Island, is a...

Pokai Beach

Pokai Beach is located between Wai'anae Harbor and Kane'ilio Point, a peninsula on which Ku'ilioloa Heiau, an a...

Pearl Harbor

Besides the pure information about the sight on Oahu, we would also like to give you important background ...

Paradise Cove Beach

Hidden paradise on the west coast of Oahu Powder sugar white sand, green coconut palms and turquoise blue sea. The paradi...

North Shore Hike

The hike leads through the wild forests of the Pūpūkea Paumalū Forest Reserve. To get there, one drives the st...

Nānākuli Beach Park

Nānākuli Beach is one of the top beaches on the west coast of Oahu. The sea is turquoise blue and crystal clear, the sand soft and...

Makapuʻu Beach Park

Hiking, whales and bodyboarding at Makapuu Beach Park Watching bodyboarders in the massive waves, lazing in the warm s...

Makaha Beach

On Oahu's west coast, Makaha Beach is one of the most popular, yet uncrowded beaches with great waves for su...

Magic Island Lagoon

A man-made peninsula at the foot of Ala Moana Beach Park offers safe and quiet especially for the little ones....

Mā'ili Beach,

Anyone driving along the Leeward coast of Oahu will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the mountains and the turquoise blue ...

Lanikai Pillbox Hike (Kaiwa Ridge)

The Pillbox Hike (also called the Kaiwa Ridge Trail) is a 2.9-kilometer, heavily traveled hiking trail near Kaiwa...

Lanikai Beach

Oahu's Paradise in the East of the Island Turquoise waters and endless fine white sandy beach, which slopes gently into the sea....

Laniakea Beach

Green Sea Turtle Habitat - Laniakea Beach at the North Shore White sandy beach, coconut palms, turquoise blue...

Kualoa Regional Park

Idyllic peace away from the city - Kualoa Regional Park A narrow strip full of white sandy beach, lined by...

Koko Head Crater Hike

Over railroad tracks to the top of Koko Head Craters Climbing over 1000 steps, on railroad tracks ...

Ko Olina Lagoons

Lagoon beach paradise with upscale standards Fine white sand beach and calm protected water with a pinch of m...

King Kamehameha I statue

There are numerous statues in honor of Kamehameha I. You will find everything important below (feel free to use the content ve...

Keawaʻula Beach

The long drive from Honolulu to Keawa'ula Beach, the last beach on Oahu's northeastern coast, is worth every trip.

Kawela Bay (Kahuku)

Hidden treasure of Oahu - the secluded Kawela Bay Coconut trees, calm waters and fine white sand beach. The Kawe...

Kailua Beach

A wonderful place to escape the hustle and bustle of Waikiki and spend a quiet beach day. The sea and the ...

Ka'au Crater Trail

The Ka'au Crater Trail is about 8 kilometers long hiking trail with 560 meters of altitude. It doesn't sound too strenuous...

Iolani Palace (Honolulu)

On the trail of Hawaii's past Once the official residence of Hawaii's monarch, the royal pa...

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

A dazzling underwater world, fine white sandy beach and the best snorkeling spot of the whole island will make you vers...

Haleʻiwa Beach Park

Sporty on the way - water sports paradise at Hale'iwa Beach Hale'iwa Beach Park makes the hearts of water sports lovers...

Ehukai Beach (Surfbreak Banzai Pipeline)

The multi-faceted Ehukai Beach and the famous Banzai Pipeline. In the summer months a beautiful beach, in the winter...

Duke Kahanamoku statue

The statue of Hawaii's most famous surfer, Duke Kahanamoku the King of the Waves, is located in the middle of Waikiki, on the famous...

Dole pineapple plantation

Halakahiki, the tropical sweet fruit of Hawaii. Many hundreds of years ago, the world's favorite pineapple came through Christop...

Diamond Head

Hike to Honolulu State Monument Diamond Head offers a sensational view of the capital Hon...

Chun’s Reef | Surfbreak

Chun's Reef is a break located approximately in the middle of the 7 miles of surf breaks on Oahu's North Shore. Its name was acquired by...

Bellows Field Beach Park

This beach, similar to Lanikai Beach, fascinates with the snow-white and fine sand and the bright blue color...

Aliʻi Beach Park (Haleʻiwa)

A few minutes' walk from Hale'iwa Town is Ali'i Beach Park, a lawn park with narrow...

Ala Moana Beach Park

Rest and relaxation in the middle of the city - Ala Moana Beach Park. Opposite the largest shopping mall in Hawaii and di...

Honolulu Culture and Sports

King Kamehameha Statue
King Kamehameha Statue

I, Honolulu, am not only the political and business heart of Hawaii, but with the many sights and museums, I am also the cultural center of Oahu. Whether it's the Hawaii State Art Museum or the Waikiki Aquarium, I have something for everyone. In my museums and exhibitions you will learn more about my people and the nature of Hawaii. You think, except surfing we are not interested in sports? On the contrary, every year the Honolulu Marathon takes place and soccer, American soccer, baseball, basketball and volleyball are played in my stadiums.

Museums and other cultural institutions in Honolulu

The largest museum in Hawaii is the Bishop Museum in the west of the city. More than 24 million unique pieces tell you about the Polynesian culture and nature of my islands: paintings of my native people, original documents and photos, and also one of the largest insect collections in the world are waiting for you. Learn more about our art in the Hawaii State Art Museum.

Works by local artists and collections of older art are exhibited here. Larger is the Honolulu Museum of Art. Here you will find Islamic, Asian and Western art. For contemporary art, the Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House is the place to go. Discover my musical side as well. For classical music and other concerts, there's the historic Honolulu Symphony and the Neal Blaisdell Center Concert Hall. Musical events are also held at the Hawaii Theatre and the Waikiki Shell in my beach district. My wildlife and plants are unique and you will learn about them in the Honolulu Zoo know. Queen Kapiolani Park is home to the 17-hectare zoo with more than 1,200 animals. You can get to know my species-rich underwater world at the Waikiki Aquarium. My exotic plants you will discover in the oldest botanical garden of Hawaii, the Foster Botanical Garden. Other gardens include the Liliʻuokalani Botanical Garden and the grounds of the Walker Estate.

Sporting: stadiums and sporting events

Fortunately, Honolulu is warm and sunny all year round. So sporting events can be held here at any time of the year. In February, runners compete in the Great Aloha Run and they help charitable causes at the same time, because the proceeds are donated. More than 30,000 athletes take part in the Honolulu Marathon. The 42-kilometer race always takes place on the second Sunday in December.

If you're in Hawaii in May, you can be at the Honolulu Triathlon watch. During the competition, participants get to know my beautiful landscapes while running, swimming and cycling. Of course, American football and baseball are also played in Honolulu.

The big events take place in the Aloha Stadium in Western Honolulu. Other major stadiums include my university's Les Murakami Stadium and the Neal S. Blaisdell Center Arena. You can watch basketball and volleyball games locally at the Stan Sheriff Center.

Experience Honolulu: From flight to accommodation

Honolulu Int Airport
Often the beginning of your Hawaii trip: The Honolulu Airport

No matter which Hawaiian island you're vacationing on, you'll rarely pass by my airport. Most international flights land and depart from Honolulu. If you are coming from Germany, you will probably change planes at a US airport. From major cities like Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco, you can fly to the Hawaiian capital in just a few hours. There are also direct flights to Asia and Australia.

The Honolulu International Airport. is only 5 km from the city center and you can reach it quickly from the hotel via the highway or by bus. Besides the international terminal, Inter Island flights are offered at the second terminal. You can quickly get from Honolulu to Maui, Kauai and hop over to the other Hawaiian Islands. Unlike in the rural areas of the island, I don't recommend a car in Honolulu. You can easily get to all destinations in Honolulu by bus and train.

Honolulu hotels

You can probably guess: Most of Honolulu's hotels are located in the Waikiki district. Behind the beach promenade, the hotel towers of Hilton, Outrigger, Aston or the Pacific Beach Hotel rise. The popular hotels and resorts have a well-maintained pool where you can relax after a day out.

In addition to a balcony, the rooms can be booked with a breakfast buffet. From two to five stars such as the luxurious Royal Hawaiian Hotel all categories are available at Waikiki Beach. With us you can find an overview of popular hotels in Waikiki and compare the accommodations with each other. For questions about the hotels in Honolulu, our team is always available.

Instead of the 5 star hotel with luxury and all inclusive you prefer to stand on your own feet on vacation? In Honolulu there are a lot of Apartments and hostels. You can always get help with accommodation from our experienced team. We will check if the accommodation is available and book the hotel until the departure date.

On the road in Honolulu by bus and car

In Honolulu, you should not expect strictly laid out road networks like in the US cities on the mainland. Especially if you are in Hawaii for the first time, you will quickly need help with orientation by car. Some of the roads here are also very hilly and narrow. If you drive with the rental car we recommend a good map of Honolulu. You get your rental car directly at the airport and you can return it at different stations in Waikiki if you want.

It's easier to get around Honolulu by public transportation. "The Bus" takes locals and tourists through Honolulu's district and is very popular. Besides single rides, you can buy a bus ticket for several hours or days. The buses were both to destinations nearby and to other regions on Oahu. For this you can comfortably use the Circle Island Route. Especially for tourists there is also the Waikiki Trolley. Three buses take you to Diamond Head, Honolulu's major malls, or downtown attractions. Alternatively, you can take a cab through Oahu's metropolis. The prices are fixed by law and the rides are charged uniformly.

From burgers to sushi: restaurants

Hawaiian cuisine today is a delicious mix of Asian, Portuguese and traditional Polynesian recipes. In the quarter Kapahulu you will find especially many regional restaurants. In Helena's Hawaiian Food in downtown Honolulu or at the Pig and the Lady, you can try the delicious dishes at a reasonable price. They are also at the top of the list on Tripadvisor 2015 and 2016 and receive very good reviews from vacationers.

Hawaii's cuisine is incredibly versatile and here in Honolulu you can experience every facet: delicious Fish dishes You can get your fill at the seafood restaurants in Waikiki or in the harbor areas. In Chinatown, you can feast on Asian buffets or enjoy fresh sushi. Easier is the Zippy'sa restaurant chain on Oahu that you may know from other U.S. states. You can eat here at any time of the day.

A Hawaiian vacation naturally includes a cool shaved ice. In Honolulu, you can get Hawaiian ice cream on Waiola Street or Mokihana Street. Even Barack Obama likes the Shaved Ice here - you can't miss it! Honolulu also has some great burger restaurants. We're happy to give you the addresses of our favorite restaurants in Honolulu!

Well, do you feel like visiting Honolulu? Our team will be happy to plan your vacation on O'ahu with all the activities. We will look for the right flight for you at the desired arrival date and we will create a stay according to your ideas. Without any obligation you will get from us more information on all topics around Honolulu and the island of Oahu.

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