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Dreaming of the Pacific paradise? Here you can find the right flight to Hawaii.

You have already turned into a hotel from our modules? Then the only thing missing is the right flight for you and your fellow travelers. Our offers include both fast 1-Stop flights as well as favorable Last minute flights. Either you fly directly from Munich, Frankfurt or another city in Germany or you build your Hawaii vacation into a larger trip: We will gladly book for you Flights from Los Angeles or New York, but also from Thailand or New Zealand. Just take a look at our offers or contact us personally. We will be happy to advise you on the best and cheapest time to fly. You do not have to search for hotels on Hawaii search for your favorite accommodation. Especially if you are flexible with the selection of the travel period, it is worth finding a good offer for your flights first. Then you often save significantly compared to the normal price. To your flight you add our other travel modules and create your individual dream vacation: we will gladly book rental cars, hotels and excursions for you. Our package tours are particularly convenient: With our package tours, we look for the best flight for you and your fellow travelers. From an airport of your choice, you then fly first of all to the capital Honolulu. With a larger Round trip we also find the right Inter Island flights from island to island.

From Germany, Thailand or San Francisco? Discover your perfect Hawaii flight now!

In Hawaii, you feel like you're in another world - far away from everyday life. And in fact, Hawaii is almost 12,000 kilometers away from Germany. But since more and more of us long for the tropical island republic, the offer of flights is huge. Especially flights with one or two stops are common if you start from Europe. For more information about the route, the price and the service of the airline, please contact us. Here is a brief overview of how to get to the Pacific paradise.

Fast flight from Frankfurt to Hawaii and from other German airports.

First of all: There are no direct flights from Germany or Austria, but you will find numerous offers about North America. To the USA, all major airlines such as American Airlines or United Airlines. Depending on where you want to make your stopover, the flight time is between seven and eleven hours. Several times a day, the planes take off from Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich or Hamburg out. In the USA, for example, you then get into San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York and land directly in Honolulu. International flights arrive daily at Hawaii's largest airport. Whether from Berlin, D├╝sseldorf or Switzerland: Cheap and convenient flight connections are available from almost every German airport. Simply enter your desired travel dates and we will search for outbound and return flights for you.

Flexible flight to Hawaii from anywhere in the world.

Why not combine your stay in Hawaii with a Vacation in the USA, in Asia or even in New Zealand. After all, the route to the US metropolises such as San Diego or Los Angeles is not a big detour. We'll book you the right flight so that you have a few days in Washington, New York or another major city. From here it is only a few hours to Honolulu. Just let us know how many days you want to spend at your stopover. With our other modules, your hotel and excursion destinations in Hawaii are already secure - so you can continue your trip to the Pacific paradise in a relaxed way. Of course, you can also combine another destination with your return flight.

The best airlines for your Hawaii flight.

So that vacation feeling already comes up during the flight: The Hawaiian Airlines already ensure the typical Aloha Spirit on board. Since the beginning, Hawaiian Airlines has been one of the safest airlines in the world and offers around 100 flights daily. Since Berlin is almost 12,000 kilometers away from Hawaii, the Hawaiian airline does not fly directly to German airports. Direct flights by Hawaiian Airline are available to six countries around the world, including the mainland United States and Australia. Hawaiian Airlines will also take you from island to island. There are several daily Inter Island Flights offered: Especially between Honolulu and Kahului on Maui. By the way, here in Kahului is also the headquarters of the airline. On the main island of Hawaii the Kona International Airport regular flights. With Hawaiian Airlines you can fly to Kauai at Lihue Airport an. From Germany, all the major airlines offer flights to North America, where you can one or even several stopovers you can put in a flight. Whether Lufthansa, Delta Airlines or Air France: You can easily get to the USA from Paris, Vienna or a German airport. Just take a look at our airline offers and find the right flight for you. In our overview you will find British Airways, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa or Air France. We can also book cheap flights for many dates. Do you need help with your search? We will be happy to help you find the outbound and return flights that meet your needs. We can find the right offer for one person as well as for you and your children. Our partner airlines are on Travelers with child, no matter what age, perfectly prepared. Cheap in the Economy Class or comfortably in the Business Class? You decide how much service and luxury you want on your flight. If you wish, you can also select food and drinks in advance. From online check-in to extra hand luggage, we customize your flight with you. Our experienced customer consultants can also answer all your questions about the flight module.

This is where your vacation begins: Honolulu, the largest airport in Hawaii

Honolulu is the center of Hawaii in many ways: international flights arrive here every hour, and at the same time you can get to the other Hawaiian Islands with the Inter Island flights. If you are flying to Hawaii for the first time, we recommend you to book a flight to Honolulu. Flight to the capital Honolulu to choose. In this city of millions you will find fantastic hotels, shopping opportunities and still feel the unique Aloha spirit. With the Waikiki Beach you have the most famous "the beach" of the island world on the doorstep. Soak up the sun on Waikiki Beach before heading out to explore in a rental car. The rental car we will gladly book for you in advance. Hawaii's megacity Honolulu is the best starting point for trips to the other islands.

Perfect for island hopping: airports on the Hawaiian Islands.

Just as you take the train from Berlin to Munich, Hawaiian Airlines will take you from city to city. There are modern airports on the six major islands of Hawaii, which can be reached by Inter Island flights. They are well connected to the infrastructure and are located close to the tourist centers. The Kona International Airport about lies on the western coast of the Big Islandwhich is known for its dream beaches and luxurious hotels. Here you can also find cheap flights to the US mainland. On the highways you can then get by rental car or alternatively by bus to the sights. Whether City breaks, adventure or beach vacation - It's up to you where you want to focus. Want more inspiration for your trip? Then our Newsletter the right thing for you. Our newsletter informs you about current events and highlights in Hawaii.

Want a bargain? Cheap flight with Last Minute

To make your trip a dream vacation, we plan it with you in advance. Hotel and flight are just as much a part of our service as tours and surf courses for your vacation. You can get information about prices and dates from our customer advisors. Just get in touch, either by mail, via Facebook or you can call us at. But now have fun browsing our flights. We are always happy to help you! 
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