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Ahi Poke Bowl mit Mango Avocado

Erfrischende Poke Bowl mit Ahi, Mango & Avocado

Neulich wurden wir von Freunden zum Brunch eingeladen und Carina,…
yoga in hawaii

Yoga in Hawaii - definitely different & intense!

Wer jemals auf Hawaii war, weiß genau wovon ich spreche,…
Pele Hawaii Big Island

Pele - Fire Goddess of Hawaii

Pele is omnipresent in Hawaii. She plays not only in...
lava tour guide big island

PuuOo - The hike of my lifetime - the 4th and 5th Hawaii trip

BIG ISLAND 2 weeks after the wedding I am 2013...
beer and lava hawaii

Hawaii for 3 months - my 3rd trip

3 days travel... The disadvantages of a standby ticket 2010 I am...
Hawaii Kona sunset scaled

Hawaii? Yes, if it's on the way - World Trip Report

Once around the world. That was our dream after...
sunset waikiki

Alone as a woman in Hawaii

Hi, I'm Evy and I would like to tell you about my trip to...
lava flow into the sea big island

Big Island, a reunion - My 2nd Hawaii trip

The lava adventure is calling! My wanderlust and also the enthusiasm of my...
eddie would go souvenirs

Eddie would go. To the roots of Hawaii's surfing legend Eddie Aikau

North Shore. The longing of all surfers. All those who want to see golden...
daniela hawaii trip report2

9 Hawaiian words and meanings that you should know

Hey there, how nice that you are here! It is...
warm clothing hawaii

Hawaii's diverse climate: why you should pack warm clothes

Hey there 😊 How nice to have you here! Have...
daniela hawaii tour tips

From dream to reality: Hawai'i | Travelogue

I will never forget that moment. The moment when...
learn to play ukulele 1

The Ukulele - Soundtrack of Hawaii

Everyone knows the sound of the ukulele. Whether through Israel...
florian krauss travelogue

Hawaii, dreamy islands in the Pacific - My first Hawaii Trip

The association of paradise par excellence. The sweet scent of the South Seas....
maui rainbow

My Hawaii, Manuela reports part 3: Maui and the Road to Hana

In part 3 Manuela reports about her trips on Maui. Part...
ahi poke bowl original recipe hawaii

Summer Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl - with lime

The summer is approaching and therefore we would like to offer you today a...
Sunset Hawaii

My Hawaii, Manuela reports part 2: Trips from Oahu (North Shore and East Coast)

In part 2 Manuela reports about her trips on Oahu. Part...

My Hawaii, Manuela reports part 1: How it all began and my trip to Lanikai

How it all began: I admit it, I am a...
lani hawaii with kids

Hawaii with children - countless possibilities

We get many requests from parents and families who want to...
surfboard fence scaled

Surfing in Hawaii - Which spots on which island?

Hawaii and surfing - they simply belong together. And that...
stairway to heaven haiku stairs hawaii scaled

The most popular hikes on Oahu

Hawaii has a lot of hiking trails and hikes. Quite...

Matsumoto Shave Ice Hawaii

Shave Ice with condensed milk from Matsumoto Today I would like to share with you...
farmers market 6

Farmers Market on O'ahu

Viel los auf dem Farmers Market beim KCC Der Farmers…
Ahi Poke Hawaiian Style

Ahi Poke Recipe - Hawaiian Style

Ahi Poke - one of our favorite recipes straight from Hawaii ! You get...
diving spots hawaii

Diving in Hawaii - the best underwater spots

In the crystal clear water you can observe tropical fish. Turtles but...
fruits made in hawaii scaled

Made In Hawaii. Domestic products of the islands

The brown gold from Hawaii... is also called the coffee on...
hawaii waterfall scaled

The most beautiful waterfalls in Hawaii

Waterfalls are simply breathtaking, located in the middle of nature, everything...
lanikai beach

The most beautiful dream beaches in Hawaii

You know them: white dream beaches in advertisements, on posters, postcards...
wedding hawaii beach

Getting married in Hawaii - off to your dream wedding!

hau'oli male 'ana eia ho'iola loa - happy wedding and...
whale watching hawaii scaled

Whale and dolphin watching in Hawaii

Today I want to talk about the great marine mammals around Hawaii....
shopping hawaii

Great Tips for Shopping in Hawaii - O'ahu and Maui

The open-air shopping center on Oahu | Image: © Jeff...
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