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Discover Hawaii's most beautiful beaches in our beach vacation building blocks

Fine, hot sand under your feet, the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean in view and the rustle of palm trees in your ears... If that's exactly what you're longing for, then our beach vacation packages are made for you. All eight tourist developed Hawaii Islands surround themselves with a beautiful coastline. On the most beautiful beaches have built luxurious hotels. and comfortable resorts. For a relaxing vacation we recommend you the all inclusive offers with hotel and excursions. So you can enjoy your luxurious vacation like in Dubai or the Maldives. With Last Minute Offers you save a lot of money.

With the long coastline of the Pacific islands, there are always a few spots on the ocean without a hotel. Here you can spend your vacation far away from the tourist hustle and bustle. We present you the most popular beaches of the Hawaiian Islands but also tell you real insider tips for your beach vacation. After this overview you will surely have found the perfect beach and hotel for you. We can not deny that the flight longer than to Mallorca, Italy or Egypt - but the beaches justify your several hours flight from Berlin or anywhere else in Europe. You can't compare a vacation in Hawaii with Mallorca or the Costa Brava in Spain.

Are you traveling alone, with your partner or with the whole family? With small children are well guarded beaches at the large hotel or resort is particularly suitable. The shore at the hotel merges gently into the ocean and you can relax on your towel with a clear conscience. But it is never as crowded as on Mallorca. The large beaches of Hawaii also offer you a well-developed infrastructure: Here you will find toilets, showers, ample parking and a snack bar. At the hotel, the locals will be waiting for you with a comprehensive service and they offer great deals to make your beach vacation perfect. However, the less frequented beach sections also have their charm. You won't find such picturesque bays in Spain or Italy - we have picked out the most beautiful ones for you. After all, we from the Hawaii Vacation Team have been pretty much everywhere on the Hawaiian Islands.

When is the best time to plan your beach vacation in Hawaii?

The perfect vacation on the beach? A well-kept hotel, pleasantly warm water, hardly any rain, lots of sun and always nice hot temperatures. If you go to Portugal, Croatia or France for a beach vacation, then only the summer remains for your vacation until early autumn. From then on, the water temperature cools down noticeably. In Turkey or Spain, you can hardly stand the sun at midday. In tropical Hawaii it's completely different: Here there are summer and winter only. And the winter months still correspond more to our ideas of high summer than the summer time in Germany. All year round in Hawaii you can expect water temperatures between 24 °C and 27 °C. So you can swim at any time of the year. In winter, the sun still shines all day and the air hardly cools down. Even in the coldest month of February you can still expect maximum temperatures of 26 °C. Spain or Italy will not offer you this luxury. It is pleasantly warm around the clock in Hawaii, even at night you can enjoy the beach while taking a walk. In the mountains of Big Island and Kauai single-digit temperatures are also measured - but on the beaches there is always bathing weather.

The tropical climate Hawaii not only provides Constant heat throughout the year. At the same time we are from Germany the high Humidity not used to. In this basically also the seasons differ from each other. Between May and October, rainfall in the Hawaiian Islands is low, while in the winter months of November to April, it rains more. Note that the southwest coasts are drier than the northeast slopes. Here the sun shines more hours a day. You can learn more about the climate in Hawaii from our customer advisors and in our section Climate & Weather in Hawaii. Here you can already look forward to the Weather for the next days look.

Conclusion: It's always a good time for you to head to Hawaii's beaches for vacation. While surfers prefer the winter months with the huge waves on the northeast coasts, families with children and other sun worshippers will prefer the summer months. When are the best days for you to travel to Hawaii - we'll be happy to find out together with you. But now let's get to what's behind our beach vacation packages!

What do we offer you in our Hawaii beach vacation packages?

If you go to Mallorca, Tenerife or Turkey for a summer vacation, then the hotel and program are usually mandatory. These packages are very simple and you will certainly go here more often. However, your long-distance trip to the middle of the Pacific should become something very special. We make sure of that by not only offering you beach vacation packages, but also by making your Plan vacation individually with you. We as Hawaii worshippers have already discovered a lot on the dream islands and so we decided to show you the most beautiful beaches and bays in the form of vacation packages.

Depending on how many days you want to stay, we will extend or shorten the package with you. Do you want to picturesque beaches on Oahu discover or immediately the best beaches of all Hawaiian Islands in the form of the Island hopping? Then just take a look through our packages. You will find all information about hotels, meals, excursions and possible arrival and departure. The packages are suitable for a vacation of several weeks as well as for a short vacation . We will gladly check with you when and from which departure airport you will arrive. In general, you can book flights from almost every major airport - whether from Frankfurt, Dresden, Hamburg or Amsterdam. You will then change planes in New York, Canada or another airport in North America. We will be happy to find the right offer for your flight.

These beaches in Hawaii are always worth a trip

You'll find the right beach in our selection - whether you're planning your family vacation or want to live out your surfing passion. From chic beaches like Waikiki Beach with its classy boutiques and magnificent hotels to the adventurous Black Sand Beach. Around the sandy beaches, there is a wide range of activities to enjoy your days in Hawaii to the fullest. At your hotel or resort, there is a spa and wellness area if you wish. Try your hand at golf, relax at the hotel's pool or discover the underwater world at the Snorkeling and diving. With the rental car you explore the surroundings. On the highways you can reach the most beautiful places in the sun with a rental car and get to know several dream beaches on your trip. Hiking or cycling is more sporty. Similar to Thailand, Hawaii is suitable for backpackers.

Beach vacation yes, but you also want action during your stay? Our packages are flexible and can be customized according to your wishes. You will gain impressions of the Hawaiian culture with our City trips . So you can enjoy the bathing weather in the picturesque Bay and spend exciting days in the footsteps of the native Hawaiians. Or you can discover the underwater world while diving. At this point we will introduce you to some particularly recommended destinations for your swimming or surfing trip. You will quickly notice that these are not package tours like Ibiza, Costa Brava or Turkey.

Competition for the Maldives: Lanikai Beach is one of the best beaches in the world!

Lanikai means as much as "Heavenly Sea" and once you're here, you'll know where Lanikai Beach got its name. The turquoise sea, the gentle waves and the wonderful white, fine sand look like in the Caribbean. The beach, about 1 km long, is set against the gorgeous backdrop of two small Hawaiian islands. It is located on the main tourist island of Oahu on the north coast. The beach of the Kailua region decorates many postcards and always makes it to the top lists of the best beaches around the world. If that's not reason enough to enjoy Lanikai Beach for a few days.

The hotels at Lanikai Beach are upscale and the posh area attracts stars and demanding holidaymakers an. For your luxury vacation with your loved one, the vacation package with hotel at Lanikai Beach is just the right idea. In the other packages, we include a visit to Lanikai Beach. Although there are countless hotels along the coastline, you can also stay at a hotel on Lanikai Beach. swim when you are not a guest. Be careful where you park, though, because parking violators can expect a hefty fine in the Kailua region. By the way, the Lanikai is also a must for the Honeymoon: During an evening walk on the beach, the moon rises impressively over the Mokulas.

Hawaii's hotspot on Oahu: Waikiki Beach

Think of a beach in Hawaii and Waikiki Beach will immediately come to mind. No wonder, because this stretch of beach is the backdrop for many photo shoots and Hollywood movies. The legendary beach of the eponymous Waikiki district is famous all over the world. For this the Olympic winner Duke Kahanamoku cared for: He has the surfing made so popular here and taught like-minded people how to surf. Waikiki Beach belongs to the city of millions HonoluluCapital and tourist center of Hawaii. There is no other place in Hawaii where so many cultures and nations meet as in Honolulu. Directly on Waikiki Beach you will find a large selection of hotels and hostels for your vacation. As a popular destination for surfers and water sports enthusiasts, many surfing and diving schools are lined up along the beach promenade. Taster courses for tourists offer. When you've spent enough days relaxing in the sun, discover the upscale boutiques along the promenade. In the evening, elegant restaurants, pubs and street parties await you. Live music and nightlife are almost reminiscent of Ibiza or Miami in Florida.

Waikiki Beach is a must-see when traveling to Oahu. It's hard to avoid a visit, as flights from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries in Europe arrive at Honolulu Airport. To Honolulu you have good chances to get last minute deals for your flight. Combine your beach vacation with other activities in the metropolis: Honolulu offers a huge variety of attractions. Zoo and an aquarium - not only for children an experience. With the rental car you can quickly reach on your trip the famous Pearl Harbour or the picturesque Hanauma Bay.

Not only for surfers a paradise: Waimea Beach

Hawaii and surfing - they simply belong together. Here on the North Shore of Oahu you will travel to a real Stronghold for surfers. The best surfers from all over the world compete in the surfing competitions every year. Especially in the winter months, giant waves hit Waimea Bay. Convince yourself at the "Vans Triple Crown of Surfing" competition from the skills of elite surfers. Not only tourists, but also locals love this stretch of beach. In summer, families can also swim in the gentle waves. The beach is often crowded in the season, but on the wide shore you will always find enough space for an extended picnic with loved ones. In addition, the hotel offers you fantastic pools and excursions. When the locals jump from the protruding cliffs - better watch them, for tourists it can be very dangerous. As a popular surfing beach, Waimea Beach has plenty of parking and a Good infrastructure for vacationers. The bathing bay is supervised by lifeguards.

Find the best accommodations around Waimea in our vacation packages. Use Waimea Beach as one of the building blocks for your Round trip to the dream beaches of Hawaii or explore the region further. Not only before your vacation, but also during your trip we are there for you every minute: Just call us or write an email. We don't want you to get tired of Waimea's sandy beach. Once here, you'll discover the surrounding Waimea Valley in our travel packages. In addition to the botanical garden, you should check out the rushing Waimea waterfall not to be missed.

Sunbathing in the black sand at Punalu'u Beach - the Black Sand Beach

There are far better beaches for swimming and surfing in Hawaii. After all, there are numerous stones and sharp rocks on the shore of Punalu'u Beach. But since we have been to Punalu'u Beach once, we would not want to withhold the beach from any vacationer. Whether in Greece, Gran Canaria or the Maldives - Hawaii trumps them all with this beach. The volcanoes on the Big Island color the fine sand and the rocks of the coastal strip. pitch black. In the hot sand you let this unique impression work on you or you enjoy the sun with a picnic between the palm trees. If you are lucky, one of the big Hawaiian sea turtles by. However, due to nature protection, you are not allowed to touch them.

How do you incorporate a visit to Black Sand Beach into your Hawaii trip? The black shoreline is adjacent to the great Volcanoes National Park of the Big Island. After an extensive hike through the nature reserve, take a break in the black sand. In our vacation packages we offer you more ideas and tips when you should visit this part of the Big Island. Especially if you are tired of the busy sandy beaches on Oahu after several days. Maui If you come to the Big Island, this is a great contrast and a good opportunity to switch off. You can find a flight to the Big Island every day from the other islands or you can choose one of the luxurious hotels on the main island. Then we will find with you the best connection from Germany, Austria or elsewhere in Europe. The Big Island is for Individual travel and for family vacation suitable for those who want to delve deeper into the origins of the republic. You will get especially close to nature and the inhabitants.

Kauai has the longest beach of the Hawaiian Islands: Polihale Beach

Kauai is known as the Hawaii garden islandBut to the west, there's also a beach longer than anywhere else in Hawaii. You can take an intensive walk on the beach for more than ten miles. We don't recommend Polihale Beach for swimming, because there are no lifeguards or other surveillance. But Polihale is definitely a sandy beach with a special charm that adventurers should not miss. With the exploration of the long coastal strip you can immediately make a Tour through the lush green forests of Kauai. Kauai has hotels to suit your taste. For children, we recommend the family-friendly hotels.

Put together your individual package for the vacations right now

The eight touristy developed Hawaii Islands make it impossible to discover all dream beaches in one vacation. Therefore, it is best to take a look at all the beaches of the Pacific Republic in our overview on our homepage. Maybe you are especially drawn to Oahu, then our beach vacation package for this island is suitable for you. Just tell us your wishes and ideas.

From Munich, London or Paris you can secure spontaneous last minute offers for your flight, but you prefer to plan your trip to the vacation paradise further in advance. We take work off your hands with our vacation packages. We have made it our business to find the best hotel or resort for your needs. After a few days or weeks in Hawaii, you won't want to travel to the beaches of Fuerteventura, Mallorca or any other region of Spain. All further information for your vacation can be found on the homepage. We plan your vacation with you on the phone or online by mail.

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