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Dreamlike, exciting and unique: sightseeing in Hawaii.

Ask a Hawaii expert about the best places to visit on Hawaii: The legendary Waikiki Beach, the fantastic views from the Hana Road, the romantic Bays of Hawaii... There is simply too much on the Hawaiian Islands to make your heart beat faster. In our building blocks to Hawaii's attractions, we make it easy for you to choose. We present the best excursions for romantics, adventurers, culture lovers and beach lovers before. A trip to any of the volcanic islands is worthwhile. With the fast Inter Iceland flights you hop in a few minutes from Oahu to Maui and further on the Big Island. Check out our offers of the Hawaiian Airlines or find the right rental car in our building blocks to explore Hawaii.


Something for everyone: from national parks to top beaches

Whether individually planned or an all-inclusive vacation: you will certainly come to Honolulu an. The capital of Hawaii is a great starting point for your excursions on Oahu. From here, you can quickly reach the picturesque beaches on Maui and the other islands of Hawaii. By plane and by ship, a day trip to the charming island paradises on lanai and Mololokai. For adventurers and culture enthusiasts, the northernmost island offers Kauai exciting destinations. Round trips often head for the Big Island and with good reason: Volcanoes National Park is one of Hawaii's landmarks. It takes you on a journey through its breathtaking plant and volcanic world. But let's take it one step at a time: Get inspired by our excursion tips for each island. We will gladly book the tours to the sights for you in advance. So you can sit back and look forward to your Hawaii vacation.

Oahu: More than just Waikiki Beach

When you think of Oahu, you probably think of the chic Waikiki Beach, with its promenade inviting you to go shopping. But from Honolulu you can reach by rental car quickly the other highlights on the island. In the very north lies the Polynesian Cultural Center. Typical Polynesian cuisine is offered in the local restaurants and in the evening we recommend a trip to the famous live shows at the Cultural Center. From Honolulu or here from the north, you can get to know Oahu on a Round trip know. Local guides will show you the sights from Diamond Head to Pearl Harbor to Dole Plantation.

Insider tip among the beaches of Hawaii: Only a few minutes by car from Honolulu awaits the Makapuu Beach is waiting for you. A detour is worthwhile not only because of the beautiful view on the fine sandy beach. Right on the beach the Sea Life Park into the underwater world of Hawaii. You can spend the evening Chiefs Luao finish: Hawaiian dinner, cocktails and a great show with dancers and fire eaters. Fancy a trip to Makapuu Beach? With us you will find the right trip from Honolulu.

Highway 72 leads you south to one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii: The Hanauma Bay. The trip to Hanauma Bay can be easily combined with Makapuu Beach, because from here you can quickly get back to Waikiki Beach. Why do we love Hanauma Bay so much? The curved bay with its shallow waves offers optimal conditions for surfing. Swimming, snorkeling and Diving. You can join the snorkeling tour directly from Waikiki: Shuttle buses will pick you up from the hotel and equip you with the complete equipment. In Hanauma Bay you will discover the colorful underwater world. Do you want to meet the peaceful turtles? Then take part in the Diving Tours at Hanauma Bay part

Sights around Honolulu

Whether it's a museum or shopping, the city of Honolulu itself offers numerous sights and destinations that you can reach quickly. A must is the Diamond Head - a 760 meters high craterThe view over Honolulu, Waikiki Beach and the turquoise blue Pacific Ocean is breathtaking. For the climbing tour you will be picked up at the hotel and receive the necessary equipment for your hike. Now it goes in Two to three hours up to Diamond Head. The ascent also succeeds less experienced hikers.

Hardly anyone knows the film Pearl Harbor not. A World War II landmark, Marine Harbor off Honolulu is a must-see on your first trip to Oahu. To choose from 5-hour tours and day trips. Take the bus from Waikiki to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor and the Punchbowl. You stroll past the queue in front of the visitor center without any worries, because the entrance fee is included in the tours. Afterwards you get a Guided tour of Hawaii's capital. Here you will surely find your next destination among the numerous museums, restaurants and boutiques.

One of the most famous beaches in Hawaii is waiting for your visit: Waikiki Beach. Besides numerous restaurants, pubs and stores, the beach is the landmark of surfing. Sign up for a surfing lesson or learn more about the history of the Waikiki neighborhood. From here you can head out to all the tours on Oahu, like the wild North Shore.

Maui: Sights from Lahaina to Hana

A glance at the map reveals: Maui unites all facets of Hawaii. National parks with rugged volcanic landscapes, lush green rainforests and deserted beaches. No wonder that more and more tourists are drawn to the beautiful hotels on Maui. By plane you land in Kahului, from where you quickly reach your hotel near Lahaina. The old Whaler town itself is one of the top sights on Maui. On the Historic Trail you can learn more about the history of the town. Water sports The beaches near Lahaina offer you all kinds of activities: snorkeling and diving tours are offered daily or you can try your hand at the national sport: surfing. You can watch whales and dolphins on guided boat tours, often combined with a snorkeling trip. Lahaina is definitely worth a visit. Maybe you want to spend several nights in one of the beautiful hotels and resorts? Then take a look at our building blocks for hotels in Hawaii.

You choose your hotel on Maui from our hotel packages for Hawaii. For the tours you will be picked up from your hotel in any case. On one Maui round trip you can get an idea of the multifaceted dream island. In modern buses with air conditioning, you will visit the most beautiful places on the island in one day. Not only sitting in the bus, you prefer hiking? Then off to the Haleakala National Park in the south of Maui. By bus the guide will take you to the foot of Haleakala crater. In a short 7 kilometer hike then it goes up to the summit. On your way to Haleakala you will be impressed by lava flows, rare plant and animal species. The landscape of the 3048 meters high Haleakala crater alternates between desert-like sections and lush lava fields. By the way, food is included in the excursion.

Whether you want to go with the partner the Honeymoon enjoys or travels to Hawaii with the family: The Road to Hana we highly recommend for your stay on Maui. The narrow road winds its way along the east coast of Maui. On one side you look over the beaches and the bright blue Pacific Ocean; on the other side you see the rainforest with exotic plants and rushing waterfalls. Beside the magnificently colorful vegetation, the many small Pools along the road to Hana. The tours with a minibus are led by a local guide. Plan a full day for this tour, depending on where your hotel is located on Maui.

Tours to the island paradises off Maui: Lanai and Molokai

From no other Hawaiian island you can reach Lanai and Molokai better than from Maui. The smallest tourist island Lanai can be reached by plane from Kahului, but more impressive is the 45-minute ferry ride from Lahaina out. There are numerous sights for your day trip on Lanai. On a bus tour you can easily get to the highlights of Lanai: Tropical beauties in the Orchid house, the lovingly furnished cat station or unique beaches such as the Hulupoe Beach and the Shipwreck Beach. In the evening we take the ferry back to Maui.

Small but nice! This is also true for Molokai. The "friendly Island" of Hawaii is best reached by ferry from Lahaina. You can either recharge your batteries at the secluded bays or use the day to get to know the country and its people. The Macadamia Nut FarmThe coastal town of Kalaupapa and the beautiful Halawa Valley are just a few of the tour stops. A change from the bus tour? On Molokai horseback tours are offered through the shallow volcanic landscapes and to the best beaches. For more information please contact us!

Exciting Kauai: By canoe along the Wailua River

Dense rainforest and spiky peaks of volcanoes: Kauai's landscapes not only attract visitors from all over the world, but also movies like Jurassic Park use the green island as a backdrop. If you want to follow in the footsteps of the movie dinosaurs, the Movie tours perfect for you. From the helicopter you can enjoy a fantastic view and visit the locations of the classic films. Helicopter tours are a great way to see a lot of the island in one day. By the way, also a romantic trip for two for your honeymoon.

Off to the Grand Canyon of the Pacific! On Kauai you should definitely go to the Waimea Canyon in the southwest. The 1097 meters deep crater Waimea Canyon awaits you with rugged cliffs, canyons and high rocky peaks. The tours take you to the most beautiful viewpoints at Waimea Canyon - the perfect backdrop for your pictures. Depending on how much time you have, the tours will take you several hours through the exciting canyons of the crater. The highlight of the tour is the Waimea Canyon Overlook: From here you can see deep into Kauai's enchanted island world. You can relax in the Polihale State Park of Waimea. This idyllic beach of Hawaii is often deserted and appears in every travel guide.

Hikers can enjoy tours of Kauai. Not far from Waimea Canyon lies the Kokee State Park, which offers different long and challenging routes for hiking. At the information desk you will receive a map with which you can set out on your own discovery tour. For experienced hikers, the Kalalau Trail is the highlight of Hawaii's Garden Island. Around 11 kilometer you climb always along the rugged Napali Coast. Be prepared for narrow and sometimes muddy paths. The Napali Coast but you can also visit it more comfortably: You can take a boat along the densely green rock faces on the coastline. Whether by boat, helicopter or on foot - there is no other coastal strip like the Napali Coast State Park in Hawaii!

On no other Hawaiian island do you move so easily on the water: the Wailua River invites you to several hours of excursions by boat. The guide on board will take you to the most beautiful places on the river. For lovers the Fern Grotto a highlight on the tour: a densely overgrown grotto where couples from all over the world say "I do" to each other. Adventurers can also canoe along the Wailua River. Information on this sporty tour is available free of charge from our customer advisors. One of the most famous waterfalls in Hawaii can also be seen from the Wailua River. At the beautiful Wailua Falls is a double waterfall near the town of Lihue, which rushes into the Wailua River. There is no other waterfall you can get so close to in Hawaii.

Hiking and relaxing in Hawaii: The Big Island

Aloha from Hawaii's largest island: The Big Island offers activities for every taste. The region around Kailua-Kona is a Paradise for divers and snorkelers: Embark on a discovery tour off the Big Island and immerse yourself in a colorful underwater world. Once swim with dolphins? In Kailua-Kona, you can get up close and personal with the peaceful sea creatures and swim around with them. Further out into the Pacific Ocean, you can take the many Boat tours from the Big Island. Daily tours are offered to attractions on the coast.

The main attraction on the Big Island are the volcanoes, which are among the most active in the world. The cooled lava provides the best conditions for a lush habitat with rare plants and exotic birds. From Hilo you can reach one of the most famous parks in Hawaii: The Volcanoes National Park in the south of the Big Island. The park extends around the active Kilauea volcano and has existed for more than 100 years. First option: Get a map at the visitor center and explore the numerous hiking trails on your own. Or you can let a local park ranger guide you to the highlights of Volcanoes National Park.

More information about Hawaii attractions

Hopefully we were able to whet your wanderlust even more. On our site map you can find more information about the trips and read everything interesting about the Hawaiian Islands. We also post pictures or a video for each destination in Hawaii. On a map you can see which attractions are still available for your place. For more information on Hawaii attractions, our customer service representatives are always available to assist you. We check if the desired excursion is available and tell you the reviews of other visitors about the excursions in Hawaii. Whether it's nature, culture, shopping or sports - we'll put together a suitable excursion for you in every category. Verified: Our offered tours in Hawaii carry the international certificate of excellence!

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