Lots going on at the Farmers Market at KCC
Lots going on at the Farmers Market at KCC

The Farmers Market takes place twice a week in Honolulu . Saturdays from 7:30 - 11:00 a.m. and Tuesdays from 16:00 - 19:00. The market is located at the Kapiolani Community College (KCC) )4303 Diamond Head Rd, Honolulu HI 96816).

It is worth seeing and a lot of fun. Of course, it is not necessarily a market that many locals visit, but rather a lot of tourists from all over the world. The market offers a lot of different stalls with fresh fruit and vegetables. You will find the freshest and most delicious fruits, from the region The taste is great and everything tastes much sweeter than in our supermarket at home. Many fruit and vegetable stands offer "free samples" which means that you can try freshly sliced papaya, pineapple or star fruit Yummy! Other regional Made in Hawaii products that are represented are, for example, the honey man, who offers his honey There is liquid or creamy honey and even some in cute bear bottles. A sweet souvenir 🙂

Honey bottled in bear bottles, simply sweet!
Honey bottled in bear bottles, simply sweet!

"Dina" is an elderly lady who goes to the market to sell her homemade lemonades offers. You can choose one of many varieties, such as mango, strawberry or lemonade. When you order from her.... she hits a bell and calls out the type of soda you ordered. Then you can see a gentleman in a tent behind her preparing the cold drink and bringing it to the front. Just a fun experience that you have to watch.

"Dina" the lemonade lady
"Dina" the lemonade lady

Most of the stands at the KCC Farmers Market are about food, so I recommend you to have your breakfast on Saturday at the market. You will find something. There are Mexican stands, which offer breakfast burritos, Thai ("Pig Lady"), local food, Japanese food, vegan stands and and and... It will be hard for you to decide, guaranteed 🙂

Asian delicacies at The Pig and the Lady
Asian delicacies at The Pig and the Lady

You can sit down on one of the meadows around the market to enjoy your breakfast and watch the hustle and bustle. You can find flowers for sale, such as orchids, Kona coffee and also seeds and seedlings. (please be careful when importing plants into the EU!) On Saturdays, there are many more booths than on Tuesday evenings. The advantage of a Tuesday visit is that it is not as busy as Saturdays. You can borrow a beach mat for free, sit comfortably in the gras and listen to the live musician .

It's simply great to see what's available, smell the different food stalls and just stroll around... Enjoy yourselves!

Saturdays and Tuesdays we feast :-)
Feasting on Saturdays and Tuesdays 🙂

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