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hau'oli male 'ana eia ho'iola loa - happy wedding and a long life

This is how you congratulate someone after a marriage on Hawaii . Numerous couples in love from all over the world come to Hawaii every year to get married. The mild climate, fascinating landscape, breathtaking beaches, the friendliness of the people and the Aloha Spirit make a wedding in Hawaii unforgettable.

Many couples who have said "I do" in Hawaii, often return to renew their vows, celebrate their anniversary or simply enjoy being together. Super romantic! 🙂 People get married on all Hawaiian islands and there are extraordinary places, possibilities and specialities to make a wedding the most beautiful day of their lives. We are happy to help you if you have any questions!

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To get married in Hawaii, you must be at least eighteen years old. This must be proven with a passport and birth certificate. At the age of sixteen, you can marry with the written consent of the parents, guardian or custodian. Same-sex marriages have also been possible in Hawaii since Dec. 2, 2013. To be able to marry, someone needs a marriage licenseMarriage Licensewhich can be applied for in the office in Honolulu for example.

  • The address is: Marriage License Bureau in Honolulu, State Department of Health, 1250 Punchbowl Street, Room 101 Honolulu, Hawaii 9681, Tel: (808) 586-454.

However, the marriage license is not only available on O'ahu, but you can apply for it on all islands at the "Marriage license Bureau". The wedding license is valid for 30 days and costs 60 US dollars, and now you can get married anywhere in Hawaii 🙂 However, the authorities recommend that you already apply for the wedding license from Germany via the Internet.

  • You can do that at  Go to "couples" and then click "apply license".

Now you can get married, on the spot at the authority or anywhere else, in the presence of an authorized person and two witnesses. These can be friends, relatives or even a photographer or wedding planner, all this is up to you. It is important for you to know: With regards to the recognition of the marriage certificate by German authorities, it may occasionally come to delays - but the marriage in Hawaii is valid in Germany! 🙂

The marriage certificate is not a civil marriage certificate, which is delivered 60-120 days after the marriage only. An internal agreement between Germany and states that a certified copy of the marriage certificate,q a "Apostille" (certification of a US office) is required. This is issued by the Lieutenant Governor's office and costs $1 US.

My tip for you: The best time to get married in Hawaii is spring or autumn. During this time, the climate is particularly mild and the flora is colourful. June is vacation time and the beaches and streets are packed with vacationers. To get married in summer, plan a year of planning time and book the place of the wedding ceremony in time because summertime is wedding time and the Americans from the mainland want to celebrate the most beautiful day of their life in Hawaii. Of course, we are happy to help you here as well!

Now you simply need to decide how to get married... On the beach, a garden wedding, in a luxurious hotelA wedding at sea, a Stand Up Paddle wedding, a church wedding, on one of the numerous golf courses or should it be the typical traditional Polynesian wedding? In Hawaii, everything is possible and you are spoiled with choices.

Wedding Beach
Dream wedding on the beach | Image: © EpicStockMedia -

There are many offers to make your wedding simply unique. There are limousine services, musicians who play the ukulele, photographers, you can have a music video made of your wedding, broadcast a live stream of your wedding on the Internet, get married with flower leis or orchids in your hair and and and....

Write us! We would be happy to plan the most beautiful day of your life together with you!

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