Lanikai - our absolute dream beach
Lanikai - our absolute dream beach

My Hawaii, Manuela reports part 1: How it all began and my trip to Lanikai


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How it all began:

I admit it, I am a fan of the Magnum series. The lovely scenery that was seen in the series has always excited me and awakened the desire in me to travel to Hawaii one day.

Many option to travel:

It still took a while, until the time was right because the Hawaiian Islands are not exactly around the corner. The flight is long, not exactly cheap and you need some time - but it's worth it! Since then, I have already been to these wonderful islands twice, each time with stopovers and from a different direction. You can either fly westward via USA or Canada or via the Asia/Australia route.

And then the arrival:

The airport of Oahu finally reached
Approach to Oahu - Huhuu we are at the finish!

Either way, you arrive a bit groggy and the 12-hour time difference is not easy to cope with. But the landing approach to Honolulu is already spectacular, with a great view of the famous Waikiki Beach and the Diamond Head.
On our route via the USA, we had already completed the immigration procedure and only had to wait for our suitcases.

Here we are, at the destination of our TV series and dreams. Aloha from all sides, which accompanied us constantly from now on.

We took the airport bus to our hotel In Waikiki. High-rise buildings and shops wherever you look. You might think that would be terrible but we did not think so. The skyline of these spectacular mountains in the background - that is something!

But first into the hotelWe put our suitcases down, freshen up and take a short tour. After a snack in one of the many small restaurants, we enjoy a delicious cocktail and then it's off to bed.

New day, great trip:

Jet lag is not so easy to overcome but Oahu wants to be explored. We had informed ourselves extensively in travel guides, Lonely Planet is especially good. You can explore Oahu in a rental car and you can learn about fares while planning the trip at home.

After an uncomplicated pickup, we head towards Diamond Head, the famous landmark of Oahu. We make a short stop here. The hike is not particularly difficult and we have a super view of the east side of the island and of course Waikiki and Honolulu from the crater rim. After the descent, we briefly consider making a detour to the Kahala Mall but decide against it - today is about nature!

On the Kalaianole Highway, all great sounding names here, we head to Hanauma Bay Nature Park. This is where we stop. The extinct volcano forms a beautiful sheltered bay with good snorkelling opportunities. The rugged mountains in the background form a beautiful backdrop. Unfortunately, Hanauma is a bit crowded and so we move on, passing the Sealife Park and Waimanolo Beach towards Kailua. Our destination is Lanikai Beach - "The Dream Beach "!

Lanikai Beach - there is nothing more beautiful:

Lanikai - our absolute dream beach
Lanikai - our absolute dream beach

The "the beach" is not easy to find because there aren't any signs and so we wander around a bit lost. It is best to drive in the direction of the Mid-Pacific Country Club, it is not far from there. There is no parking lot, rather a small sandy lot, and so we park on the street, Mokulua Drive. Since we are here during the week, this was not a problem, but on weekends it can be difficult to get a free spot.

And then we are finally there: Lanikai is narrower than expected, but a dream beach!

The fine, white sand is like powdered sugar and the turquoise, clear water immediately invites you to go for a swim. From the beach, you have a view of the offshore islands of Moku Nui and Moku Iki. I don't have words for this - it is so beautiful!

The fact that there are no restaurants, shops or other activities doesn't matter at all and thus Lanikai is not a usual tourist beach. However, you should also know that there is no shade, so be sure to take sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. You have to stock up with drinks and food beforehand.

Lanikai Beach - one of the world's most famous beaches and still space :-)
Lanikai Beach - one of the world's most famous beaches and still place 🙂

Lanikai Beach is often the backdrop for advertising shots, which I can easily understand. The sea is calm, without big waves and we enjoy just laying in the water, enjoying the sea and the landscape. And watch a few kite surfers.

But the sun and sea air make us hungry and so we make our way to the car with a heavy heart. That was also enough sun for the first day.

On the way to Kailua, we discover Buzz's Restaurant. They serve delicious steaks, burgers and salads. My favourite: the "open-faced crab sandwich", absolutely delicious!
With new strength and in a good mood, we make our way back to Waikiki. The sun is slowly setting and a great day with an unforgettable excursion comes to an end. Fortunately, this is only the beginning of our vacation.

Lanikai Beach - my highlight!

For those who can not get enough of it, there are also a few accommodations.

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