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Travel components for your surf vacation in Hawaii

Tanned athletes with Hawaiian shirts, swim shorts and a surfboard under their arm - this is the image that spontaneously comes to mind when many think of Hawaii. And not without reason - on Hawaii the sport of surfing was invented and has a very long tradition here. Already the native Hawaiians went on wooden boards on the Pacific. At that time, surfing was reserved especially for kings and higher ranking people. From the 19th century, every Hawaiian was allowed to discover the passion for surfing. Symbol of surfing in Hawaii is Duke Kahanamoku. At the legendary Waikiki Beach, he taught others to surf in his surf school. Today, a monument still commemorates the Olympic athlete here.

We look forward to customizing your vacation to your liking. With our years of experience on the Pacific Islands, we have packed packages for all-inclusive and special surf trips. Depending on how many nights you stay in Hawaii and how experienced you are in surfing, we customize the packages to suit you. Of course we also take care of your hotel, the catering and the perfect arrival.

Hawaii: Surf through paradise, no matter if you are a pro or a novice

Logo, off Spain, on the Costa de Algarve of Portugal or on Fuerteventura you can also learn to surf. Whether in Costa Rica or in Brazil - at many vacation resorts worldwide you can find surf camps and discover and live out your passion for surfing. However, Waimea or Waikiki Beach in Hawaii are the places to be. "the beach" in the world. Not without reason take place here annually international competitions of the best surfers takes place. Especially in the winter months, the waves on the North Shores of the islands are incredibly high - the best conditions for big wave surfing.

Surfing you can actually on every island and in every season. From November pamper meter high waves the northern coasts and turn them into hot spots for professional surfers. On the southern coasts, on the other hand, the Pacific waves are higher in summer. The paradise is rounded off by the dreamlike beaches like in the Caribbean and an exciting environment for those interested in culture and nature. How do you combine all this on your trip? Just write us an email or give us a call. You can reach our team around the clock by phone or email. We would also like to recommend our newsletter to you. Here you can get the latest news about surfing and get ideas for your surf trip. Maybe a surf camp is the right thing for you? Surf here for several days and get fit for your next surf vacation - whether on another Hawaiian island or at a completely different place in the world like Bali, off Morocco or the Canary Islands.

Surf together with the best instructors of the Hawaiian Islands

With a magnificent WeatherWith pleasant water temperatures and strong swells all year round, the Pacific Ocean around Hawaii is always inviting for surfing. So the locals here are very experienced in surfing and are looking forward to teach you. You can find surf schools on every Hawaiian island along the big beaches. Here you can spontaneously sign up for a surfing course. In one to two hours you learn the basics of surfing in shallow water. A surf camp is also suitable for several days. Maybe you already know the Pure Surf Lodge on the Costa de Algarve in Portugal - the surf camp in Hawaii can beat that with the unique attitude to life of its inhabitants and the breathtaking volcanic landscapes. At the surf camp you will discover the sport of surfing with like-minded people. We will gladly book a surf course for you on site or find the best surf camp for you. You will receive all dates and prices from us quickly and without obligation.

You are looking for a new challenge: try big wave surfing

Maybe you've already learned to surf in Spain or Portugal and are now looking for adventure in the meter-high tides off Hawaii? Then you should definitely in winter to Hawaii travel. On the North Shore of Oahu is high season for surfers between November and February. To get a hotel or other accommodation here for a few days, you should book early. Also be prepared that it is very crowded around the beaches at this time. In big wave surfing, the best athletes take on waves from 6 to 15 meters height on. Just contact us and we will take care of the organization for you. We will also inform you as soon as the event is bookable.

When and where can I watch surfing competitions in Hawaii?

You don't have to plunge into the up to 10 meter high floods yourself. Watching is already enough action for most. Just take a peek at the competitions in our videos. Visiting a surf competition is fun for the whole family and you should definitely include it in your vacation. You don't have to stay at the crowded Waimea Beach to do this, but you can take the rental car you can easily reach the competitions from other vacation areas of the island. So you can also plan a surf camp during your stay. For your family we are looking for the perfect accommodation incl. meals and flight .

One of the most famous competitions in the world is held annually on Oahu's North Shore: The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. At Sunset Beach, on Haleiwa Beach Park and at the Banzei Pipeline you can marvel at the world's best athletes. All three beaches are located in the north of Oahu. Next to it belongs the Honolua Bay on Maui among the venues. It takes place in mid-November and surfers from Hawaii, Australia, the USA and Brazil are among the winners. You can find photos of the competitions on Facebook and in our gallery. If you're interested, we'll be happy to tell you how much you should budget for the event.

Surfing deluxe: These are the most beautiful places for surfing

Near the hotels there are very good surf schools with surf lessons for every level. Boards and other equipment are included in the price. More intensive you learn the Surfing in camp which then lasts for about a whole week. In the surfhouse you exchange with the other vacationers and meet new people from all over the world. We have compiled the perfect surf camps for you and their current offers. Without any obligation we will inform you about everything else concerning surf courses and surf camps. But now we want to introduce you to the two most beautiful beaches for surfing.

Surf in front of the metropolis of Hawaii: Waikiki Beach

The most famous beach of Hawaii belongs to the city of millions Honolulu. Here you will not only find beautiful hotels with a wide range of offers from yoga to wellness, but also the famous beach section is perfect for learning to surf. There are surf camps for both adults and children, so it's also a great idea for families to discover the national sport on their trip. With the high waves, summer here is considered high season for the water sports enthusiasts. So be prepared for it to be more crowded here then. In the morning, start the day with a Hawaiian breakfast and Kona coffee; in the evening, end the day with a leisurely meal in the many restaurants or live music finish. The hotels also have a variety of offers besides surfing.

Huge waves are waiting for you: surf at Waimea Beach

Like Moliets or San Girons in France, Waimea Beach is a Mecca for surfers. Many surf camps and suitable accommodations are available here and the surroundings of Waimea Beach entice with further highlights for action fans. After you have tried your hand on the surfboard, discover the Waimea River with a Kayak trip or go on long hikes through breathtaking landscapes of the island.

Browse through our surf vacation packages now or get more inspiration and information about your long-distance travel to Hawaii in the home section. In our newsletter you will always receive the latest news, for example, how the surf competition at Waimea Beach turned out or which offers we particularly recommend to you. Our service ranges from hotel with ocean view to booking surf camp in Hawaii. You can read about the fact that our advice is free of charge and without obligation in our terms and conditions. Here you will also find everything you need to know about data protection. So surf at your leisure through our carefully planned packages and simply contact us as soon as you are interested or have any questions. In addition to the newsletter, we also keep you up to date on the topic of surfing vacations in our blog.

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