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Hawaii's most beautiful spots packed into one trip.

Do you want to go to the City with over a million inhabitants Honolulu on Oahu? Or through the lush green island Kauai hike? Perhaps rather at Maui's dream beaches surf or the volcanic landscapes on the Big Island marvel at? When asked what the highlights are for a Hawaii vacation, we can hardly commit. From centuries-old culture to contrasting landscapes and paradisiacal underwater worlds, there's just too much to discover in one trip. So, as hard as it is, you'll need to commit to a few destinations before your trip. With six islands to explore as a tourist, you'll need a few weeks to get to know them all.

With us you will find tours for every taste. If you want complete Hawaii Newbie then take a week to discover the first two Hawaiian Islands for yourself. Already in 14 days you will make two islands - such as Maui and Oahu - to learn to love. You want to see three or even all four main islands on your trip? Our round trip between three and four weeks will take you on an adventurous journey. tour to the highlights. Of course, the round trip is not such a Package touras it sounds: We offer you Round trips with individual focus an: Are you the sporty and adventurous type? Or do you want to enjoy a romantic getaway with your partner? Just browse through our range of individual round trips!


We take care of everything: from flights to rental cars

Hawaii is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is several hours away from Europe, even by plane. The round trip must therefore be well planned in advance. So that you don't experience any unpleasant surprises on the spot, we will take care of everything for you. So you can set off for paradise relaxed. We have compiled the most important information for each round trip. You can see at a glance what is included in your trip and what you can look forward to. Surely there will be some questions left unanswered. As soon as something is unclear or if you want to know more about the round trip - just contact us. By mail, via the contact form or directly on the phone we are there for you. You do not have to book the trips right away, but you can get free advice from our team without any obligation. But if you are absolutely sure with a round trip, then we book for you quickly and in the desired travel period.

There and away: from Germany to Honolulu and back

Already the flight to Hawaii puts you in the vacation mood - especially if it's with the Hawaiian Airlines takes to the air. For your flight we book the fastest and most pleasant connection from an airport in Germany. Of course, we will discuss the best time for your trip with you in advance - after all, some months are particularly well suited for your adventure trip or the Beach vacation. How much luxury do you want on your flight? We book for you the Business or Economy Class and your Desired seat. You don't have to worry about getting there or leaving - the flights are booked for you in advance, so all you have to do is get to the airport. By the way: You want to combine the Hawaii round trip with a visit to the USA? From San Francisco in California, from Las Vegas or New York we will find the best flight connection for you from mainland USA to Hawaii.

The Hawaiian islands lie like on a string of pearls and are only separated from each other by the Pacific Ocean. The best way to get from island to island is by plane, and there is an airport on each main island for domestic connections. In 45 minutes you fly for example from Oahu's airport in Honolulu to Maui. The indicated Inter-Island flights are included in the price unless otherwise stated and booked for you. So you hop back and forth between the islands stress-free. How do you get to the highlights within the island? A bus ride is the best way to get in touch with the friendly locals, but in the long run this is quite inconvenient. With a rental car is the most pleasant and on Hawaii's highways and coastal roads you can discover the diversity of the islands. The rental car you pick up right after the transfer by plane. Now you can visit everything in the area. Before it goes on the next Iceland, you simply return the rental car at the airport.

No matter which island: you sleep in the best hotels

A luxurious hotel and resort line Hawaii's shores next to each other. The hotels are located directly on the beach and meet the highest standards. To relax after an eventful day, depending on the hotel you will find a spa area, beautiful golf courses and a large pool landscape. What do you expect from your hotel? Just tell us if you want to stay in 3, 4 or 5 star hotels you would like to sleep. At each stop on your tour, we will book the best hotel or resort for you. At Waikiki Beach you will find the 5-star hotel The Royal Hawaiian with private beach; on the beautiful beach of Poipu stands the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort . You can enjoy maximum luxury at the 6-star resort on the Kailua Kona Coast the Four Seasons Hualalai. Hawaii welcomes tourists from all over the world all year round, so the hotels are always ready for you!

Perfect for your round trip: Island hopping in Hawaii

Now you know our service for your trip - flight, hotel and rental car are all included in the price. But what can you discover on our round trips? What does such a trip look like? Of course you can spend three weeks on Oahu or on the Big Island. But on a round trip you have the chance to explore two or even more islands to experience. Magic word is Island hoppingYou hop across the Pacific to the next Hawaii Island during your trip. Hawaii is made for island hopping, because Kauai, Maui, Oahu and the Big Island are connected by regular daytime flights - like taking the train through Germany! Also the smaller islands Molokai and lanai are only a stone's throw away from Maui. The specified Inter-Island flights are included in the trips. But if you suddenly want to visit a third island? We also try to make this possible - just contact us. We will then take care of individual flight connections and a rental car on site. But now we want to offer you an insight into our travels

From volcano to dream beach: Hawaii island hopping already for seven days

You are traveling in Canada, Florida or somewhere else in North America? From Asia and North America, Oahu, Maui and the other islands can be reached particularly well and direct flights are offered. Take the chance and let yourself be enchanted by the Aloha charm for seven days! For a relaxing vacation we recommend you to visit two islands. This will look like this four nights on Oahu and three nights on Maui stay. The two islands are particularly well connected and for many tourists the favorite islands. You can plan your time on Oahu and Maui yourself or let us plan it for you. This service will not cost you a cent extra. We will book expertly guided tours for you and will gladly put together a program with the highlights. How about a Sightseeing flight over Maui's volcanoes or rather a trip to Oahu's surf hotspot, the Waimea Bay? Get ideas in our newsletter. On request, we will also be happy to send you catalogs.

See more of Hawaii: Round trips between two and three weeks

You have 14 days vacation and want to experience as much Hawaii as possible? In two weeks you can already visit three islands. So you get a good insight into the diversity of Hawaii's nature and culture. Most tourists from all over the world arrive in Honolulu. It is therefore a good idea to start your trip right here. You sleep for example three nights in Honolulu and go on an exploration tour with the rental car: the Diamond Head climb up, in the Waimea Bay watch the pros surf or simply explore the many museums, stores and restaurants in the capital Honolulu. Then it's on to Maui, where you'll stay a few nights in a hotel right on the beach. Especially the west of Maui has always attracted stars and starlets. Surely this is also due to the warm climate which attracts with pleasant temperatures and little precipitation all year round. From Maui you can make an excellent detour to Molokai and Lanai make. They are already visible from the coast and show you Hawaii once far away from the tourist hustle and bustle. Our tip: With the ferry you are not only fast on the "Friendly Island" Molokai, but you can also enjoy a great view.

The third stop on the two-week tour is in the green lung of Hawaii: Kauai. Already from above Kauai looks like a huge jungle with mountains and steep cliffs. A great contrast to the beach vacation on Maui! On Kauai it is called: Get out into nature! Explore the lush green landscapes of the national parks and ride on a Canoe tour down the Wailua River. Don't miss the Fern Grotto on the east side of the river. Although not the Grand Canyon, but the largest canyon in the Pacific is the Waimea Canyon in the west of Kauai. By the way, idyllic beaches await you on Kauai, where you can relax for a day. 14 days for two islands are more relaxed for you? Then you can experience the culture and nature on Maui and Oahu even more intensively. We book exciting excursions for one person or together with your friends.

For Hawaii lovers: a whole month in paradise

Hawaii is a small world unto itself and we at Hawaii Vacation think you can't stay in paradise long enough. If you have a little more time with you, then we'll put our four-week round trips to the heart. You will discover the Pacific Republic in all its diversity and immerse yourself in the life of the Hawaiians. There is enough time for a Surf course or a day trip through the Volcanoes National Park of the Big Island. We book for you on each main island in the best location to make the island unsafe from there. In three to four weeks you have just under seven days for each volcanic island. You arrive in Honolulu and hop on the bus to the three Inter-Island flights to every island world. The Big Island lives up to its name: On the largest Hawaiian island you make two stops. Once in the largest city Hilo and then in Kona on the West Coast. From Hilo you can quickly reach the famous National Park with a rental car and further south you will reach the unique Black Sand Beach . The Kailua-Kona region, on the other hand, is a hot tip among divers and snorkelers. Off the coast, a unique underwater world opens up to you. We are happy to book tours with experienced diving instructors for you from Germany.

Not only for newlyweds are Cruises very popular in Hawaii. On the cruise you don't have to change rooms and enjoy the luxury on the modern passenger ships. Unlike island hopping by plane, on a cruise you go to the next island at night. During the day you can experience the island according to your wishes. You can learn more about the comfortable cruises in our newsletter. As soon as we add a new cruise to our offer, we will tell you about it on Facebook.

More information about our Hawaii round trips? Or book now?

Phew, quite a lot of information about our offers. Just browse through our trips and let us ignite your wanderlust! You like the round trip, but you would like to make another stop? Just contact us. We are here for you and your inquiry is initially completely without obligation. Whether in our newsletter, on Facebook or on the phone with our customer advisors - we will gladly tell you more about the volcanic islands. Once you have decided on one of our trips, we will plan it with you so that your stay becomes a dream vacation. By the way, we attach great importance to an individual service that goes far beyond that of a travel agency.

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