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Aloha Spirit on the outward journey and from island to island - with Hawaiian Airlines

You don't have to wait for your vacation feeling until you arrive at the airport of Honolulu or Kahului. With the sympathetic Hawaiian Airlines you can relax on the outbound flight and enjoy the airline's comprehensive services. In the Hawaiian Airlines program you will find Long-haul flights to six countries in the world and short flights between the Hawaii Islands. For your individual Hawaii trip you are looking for the right flight from our offers. We check the availability for you and reserve a place for you and your fellow travelers. Of course we are happy to advise you on the best data and find for you cheap last minute bargains. Hawaiian Airlines will now briefly introduce itself.

Fly with the most punctual and safest airline in America

Founded in 1929 Hawaiian Airlines has been flying Hawaiians and tourists back and forth between the islands ever since. The first flights were from Honolulu to Kahului and to the Big Island. Initially, the planes had just eight seats and took three hours from Honolulu to Hilo. Since the 1940s, the airline has been flying to the U.S. mainland, first from Honolulu to California in 13 hours. In the eighties, Hawaiian Airline introduced its rewards program, where you earn points and miles when you fly. Today these are the Hawaiianmiles. More about how to take part in the program and whether it is worthwhile for you later. With Hawaiian Airlines, you can fly between the volcanic islands with a clear conscience: as one of the oldest airlines in the USA, the airline is also the safest. There has never been an accident with an airplane of the Hawaiian airline. You can rely on Hawaiianairlines: it is More punctual than any other airline in the USA since 2003.

Current routes and destinations of Hawaiian Airlines

Started with the flight from Honolulu to MauiToday, Hawaiian Airlines offers a wide range of flights. Both internationally and between the Hawaiian Islands, there are daily connections and a distinctive route network. The fleet of Hawaiian Airlines includes four aircraft types from Boeing and Airbus. These are the most modern aircraft, which are between 48 and 294 seats offer. Before you book your flight with Hawaiian Airlines, we would like to introduce you to the flight routes and aircraft.

For your travel: International long-haul flights

Well, Lufthansa has managed a direct flight from Munich to Honolulu. But if you're flying to Hawaii, you'll be making a stop in the United States on your outbound and return flights. From here, Hawaiian Airlines offers long-haul flights to and from Hawaii.

For the international flights the Boeing 767 300 ER as well as the Airbus A330 200 to choose from. 264 passengers have been in the Boeing 767 Space. You can look forward to a good view from the many window seats and generous legroom. The airline has 18 of these modern aircraft. With 294 seats is the Airbus A330 200 the largest aircraft of Hawaiian Airlines and has been in service since 2010. More than 20 A330 200 aircraft are already in service in 2015 and 2016. Highlight in the Airbus: Every passenger has a Touch Screen Monitor available.

But what destinations do the planes fly to? Most international flights connect the U.S. mainland with airports in Hawaii. Especially to California the flight connections are excellent and you only need five hours by plane. Why not include a short break in Los Angeles or San Francisco in your trip? Oakland and San Jose are other destinations in sunny California. There are also direct flights from Honolulu to Seattle, Phoenix, Portland, Las Vegas and New York City. So you can add a city trip through New York or visit the legendary Las Vegas. Do you prefer to stop in Asia on the return flight? Whether Japan, China or the South Pacific; in addition to Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul, many other destinations are served. In just under ten hours, you'll be in Sydney, Australia, on a direct flight.

From Honolulu Airport to Maui Airport: Fast flights between the Hawaiian Islands

The Aloha Spirit, dream beaches and breathtaking volcanic landscapes can be found everywhere in Hawaii, but each island world has its own charm. Good that so many flights between the national airports are offered daily. Not only tourists enjoy the fast and frequent connections to hop to the neighbor island in a few minutes. Locals also use Hawaiian Airlines to visit family and friends. As you can see, flying is as much a part of everyday life here as the ICE is from Hamburg to Berlin. We are happy to book your outbound and return flight, for example from Honolulu to Lihue on Kauai.

How much time should you allow for Inter Island flights? Fortunately, the islands are so close to each other and are separated only by narrow strips of the Pacific Ocean. From Honolulu to Kahului or Lihue it is only 40 minutes flying time. In just under an hour you can reach Hilo from Oahu from. From Kauai in the north to the southernmost tip of the island chain is a little more than Two hours.

Day after day, you'll find a large number of connections that will make Total 21 aircraft of the fleet. Not as big as the Boeing 767, but perfect for the numerous Hawaii flights: the reliable Boeing 717 offers comfortable seating for 123 passengers. The 18 717 aircraft are something like the heart of Hawaiian Airlines. They make a proud 160 connections every day. The airports are connected Kona International Airport and Hilo on the Big Island and of course the Honolulu International Airport. and the Kahului Airport. Lihue on Kaui as well as the small islands Molokai and lanai are also regularly served. With plenty of legroom and wide seats, you'll arrive with the ATR 42 500 from island to island. The comfortable Airbus has 48 seats and connects the islands Oahu, Lanai, Molokai, Maui and the main island with each other.

Hawaii airports and Hawaiian Airlines service

Each Hawaii island has its own airport, so you can hop from island to island:

  • Only 5 kilometers from Honolulu lies the Honolulu International Airport (HNL). At Hawaii's largest airport, around 18 million people embark on air travel every day. The most frequent flights from Honolulu are to Los Angeles, Tokyo and Seoul. In addition to Hawaiian Airlines, United Airways and Delta Airlines, among others, fly to Hawaii's main airport.
  • At Kahului Airport (OGG) you arrive in the beautiful north of Maui. The dream beaches around Lahaina are a stone's throw away from Kahului Airport. Airlines fly most frequently to and from Honolulu, but a connection to Los Angeles or other US metropolises is also possible.
  • The Garden Isle of Kauai is home to the Lihue Airport (LIH) connected to the route network. The airport is located right next to the town of Lihue and in a few minutes you are at the famous Nukoli Beach Park. You can land directly on Kauai from all the Hawaiian Islands and the US mainland.
  • The Big Island deserves no less than two airports: The Hilo International Airport (ITO) is landing point for the traditionally shaped east coast, while the Kona Airport (KOA) near the famous hotels. is located on the west coast.
  • There are smaller airports on the islands Molokai (MKK) and Lanai (LNY). The airlines connect the idyllic islands with Honolulu.

And that's what you can expect from Hawaiian Airlines: During the flight you already get in the mood and your anticipation of the vacation grows further: This is ensured by the hot meals that you are served on board and typical Sweets and snacks from the Aloha State. In the planes you have the possibility Duty Free shoppingFrom perfumes to model airplanes and sunglasses, everything for your vacation or for your loved ones is on offer. With the Hana Hou Magazine you can get the latest news and inspiration for your trip. Of course, you can also choose between economy and business class. But the service at Hawaiian Airlines goes even further: for honeymoons, extra Wedding Flights offered and the Airport shuttles take you directly to your vacation destination.

It's definitely worth taking another trip to the Pacific paradise: With every flight you collect the Hawaiianmiles . It doesn't matter if you fly with Hawaiian Airlines or one of their partners. The partners include Air Canada, American Airlines, Continental Airlines and Lufthansa. You can use the accumulated miles for an extra piece of luggage, reduce the airfare or use the Hawaiianmiles for the rental car and the hotel at your destination. Our customer advisors will tell you exactly what's in it for you as a frequent flyer. Simply contact us without obligation: By e-mail, on the phone or via the contact form.

Flight to Honolulu? Or directly a flight to Hilo? We book for you!

Just click through our offers on domestic and international flights. If the price and the dates are right for you, we will book for you. So you can relax and look forward to your Hawaii vacation. Of course, you will receive all the necessary information from us. Our customer advisors will answer your questions about the route and help you with regulations regarding luggage and hand luggage. Are you flexible with your travel dates? Then we will check all offers for you and find the best flight in a price comparison. So that you don't have to worry about anything when you get there, we can book your rental car for you. Now have fun with our offers on Hawaiian Airlines!

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