The most beautiful dream beaches in Hawaii

You know them: white dream beaches in advertisements, on posters, postcards or from television. At Hawaii they become reality. At Big Island one finds on the one hand the Hapuna Beach State Park.

hapuna beach state park big island Big Island
Just take a break from everyday life | Image: © Anna Abramskaya -

It becomes annually one of the most beautiful beaches the world and is located at the Cohalo Coast. However, with a length of one kilometer and a width of sixty meters, the popular beach is never crowded. The beach offers the best conditions for snorkeling or swimming all year round. An absolute postcard idyll, the white sand, the green nature and the black rock in the background, simply dreamlike. Many parking lots are available and lifeguards guard the beach and waves. Another beach on Big Island, which I can recommend to you, is probably the most spectacular: The Punalu'u Black Sand Beach has black sand. Through years of erosion of the lava that flowed into the sea, the sand got the black color, madness!

A unique beach | Image: © Mike Brake -
A unique beach | Image: © Mike Brake -

The beach is located on the south coast, south of the Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. Quite often you can meet turtles sunbathing in the black sand. The water is wide and calm, perfect for snorkeling.

At O'ahu there is the Lanikai beachIt is located in the east of the island. From Lanikai Beach you look at two small islands, the Mokulua Islands (Moku Nui and Moku Iki).

These are a perfect camera motif, which has already been depicted on many calendars, postcards and posters. So definitely think of the camera! The sand here is white and very fine, the sea calm and flowing, a great beach even if you are traveling with children. Translated Lanikai means "heavenly sea "and I can only confirm 😉

Lanikai can be reached via small beach paths along the main road and parking is available at the million dollar villas along the road. With a kayak, which can be rented on the beach, you can paddle to the Mokulua Islands. Waimanalo Bay Beach is also located in the east of the island. The beach is the longest on the island and stretches for 5 miles (wow, that's about 8km!). The water is turquoise and the sand is very white. Waimanalo Bay Beach is not overcrowded, like Waikiki for example. From the beach you have an excellent view of the Koolau Mountains and can simply switch off during a nice walk on the beach. There are restrooms with showers on the beach and a large parking lot. Buses take you directly from Waikiki to Waimanalo Bay Beach, the ride takes about 45 minutes. This beach is great for swimmers because there are hardly any currents.

Paradise begins here | Image: © norinori303 -
Paradise begins here | Image: © norinori303 -

Now we come to the island Kauai. There are two of the most beautiful dream beaches in the world. Poipu Beach is one of "Americas best beaches" and Hanalei Beach has the "Dr.Beach" Recommendation. Dr.Beach is known worldwide as the beach luminary. He visits, evaluates and describes beaches all over the world and has written several books.

One of Americas best beaches | Image: © Nina B -
One of Americas best beaches | Image: © Nina B -

Poipu Beach is located south of Kauai and is very famous. I advise you to leave early, because the famous beach is very crowded in the afternoon. However, due to the three small bays, the visitors are well distributed. There are toilets and showers at the beach. For snorkelers a perfect beach, because through the rocks you can observe great fish species. However, at high tide the current can be very strong. The bay is surf and sun safe and therefore great for family outings. Turtles and also the Monk Seals like to sunbathe on Poipu Beach.

Hanalei Beach is not the typical sandy beach, here it is more about the scenery. The contrast between the sea and the mountains of the north coast is beautiful and the drive to Hanalei Beach feels like a drive through a large garden. The beach is surrounded by two rivers, the Hanalei River and the Waipa River. There are lifeguards and showers with WC. In winter this is a real surf spot because of the high waves. My tip for you: Be sure to check out the Hanalei Pier walk. You think you are walking on the open sea!

At Molokai there is the One Ali'i BeachA perfect beach for children, because the water here is very shallow. Therefore, it is not necessarily suitable for swimming. However, One Ali'i Beach convinces with a beautiful park, with toilet facilities, showers, pavilions and even barbecues that you can use. The beach invites you to picnic and relax. My tip for you: You can also camp here. (You can get the camp permit at the Park Department). Popohaku Beach is located at the West End on Molokai and is also called the Three Mile Beach called. With a length of 4.8 km, it is one of the longest white beaches. From here you can see all the way to O'ahu.

Hello Oahu! | Image: © Malgorzata Litkowska -
Hello Oahu! | Image: © Malgorzata Litkowska -

In the enclosed park there are picnic tables under trees, toilets and if you are lucky to see a small gecko. There is also a campground here.

My recommendation for you on Maui is the most famous beach on the island, the Kaanapali Beach.

kaanapali beach Big Island
Fancy a stroll? | Image: © Jeff White -

It is located in the west of the island and scores with crystal clear water and 4.8km long sandy beach. My tip for you : At dusk something great takes place on this beach. A cliff jumper lights torches that have been set up on the cliff. Little by little, more and more cliff jumpers jump the Black Rock down. It is a reenactment of the feat of the king King Kahekili of Maui. At D.T. Fleming Beach Park I think it's great that the beach itself borders on a park. You can sunbathe and then barbecue a bit in the park. On this natural beach you can see Tourists and Locals, relaxing on the beach, watching turtles or enjoying a sausage in the shade at the great picnic tables in the park.

Natural, simply beautiful | Image: © Photo Image -
Natural, simply beautiful | Image: © Photo Image -

My conclusion: A great beach where the waves are calm in summer and huge in winter, but where safety is guaranteed by a lifeguard and there are clean toilets.

Lanai offers a gorgeous beach that was named the best beach in America in 1997. And indeed the Hulupoe BeachHas great sand, is very well maintained, there are restrooms, picnic facilities and the sea is perfect for snorkeling. The beach is located on the Manele Bay,

Hulopoe offers postcard panorama | Image: © Joe West -
Hulopoe offers postcard panorama | Image: © Joe West -

directly at the Marina. Here you can see large boats and ferries docked during a walk. On the east side of the bay there is a Tidal Basin, which fills with the tide and dries up at low tide. At this basin you can see seahorses, crabs and the Hawaiian Opihi (A limpet) can be observed. Southeast of the tide pool you can see the Puu Puu, the Sweet Rock RocksThis is the landmark of Lanai. According to legend, at that time a warrior threw himself down the rock after the death of his beloved and the whole 25m. For more great tips on dream beaches on your dream island, just write to us, we'll be happy to show you more.

Welcome to the most beautiful bay. | Image: © Filipe Frazao -
Welcome to the most beautiful bay. | Image: © Filipe Frazao -

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