The most beautiful waterfalls in Hawaii

Waterfalls are simply breathtaking, located in the middle of nature, everything is blooming all around and then this view of these huge masses of water that just fall down and bounce in the basins. This power that radiates a waterfall is simply indescribable and belongs in any case to a Hawaii vacation to it!

I would like to tell you today in the blog about the most beautiful waterfalls on the islands.

On the island Oahu there is the Manoa waterfall, which is also the most famous on Oahu. The water of the Manoa waterfall "falls" around the 46 meters and catches everyone with a few drops who approaches it 🙂 It is nice that the waterfall is located right on the outskirts of Honolulu and you can take a bus of the line 5 from the Ala Moana Shopping Center directly to the Manoa Valley can drive. (The bus leaves about every hour.) The 30 min. climb leads first over normal roads and then through the jungle. Here you have the perfect view of Hawaii's fauna and beautiful vegetation. The air on the way is fresh and cooler than in the valley, it is humid everywhere and you can see the raindrops on the leaves, here you can really take a breath. My tip here for you: Remember sturdy shoes on this Trail. Because clearly, as the name suggests, the waterfall is in the rainforest. It rains often and it is very, very slippery here 😉.

The waterfalls can be marveled at quite at the beginning of the trail from a distance and thus has the goal in mind, because the way there is often steep, rocky and sometimes narrow. Arrived at the destination, the Manoa waterfall shows itself in all its beauty. The water runs down from above into a medium-sized basin, but direct access to the waterfall is prohibited because of falling stones. In front of the waterfall, however, you can take great photos and cool off with the rippling water. Absolutely before hiking the Hawaii weather check, it is in Waikiki sunny, it can be rainy in Manoa Valley. A little trick from me: Just take a look at the mountains, if there are dark clouds hanging there, it is probably raining there and you should take the tour postpone. The "sweet" among you, should definitely think of the mosquito repellent, because there are many mosquitoes and mosquitoes in the valley. Also important, please NEVER drink the water from the waterfalls, it could be provided with bacteria, rather pack enough water in the backpack and take it with you.

Maui has great waterfalls to offer, among others the Waimoku Waterfall, which is located in the southeast of the island.

maui waterfall road to hana big island

In order to reach the waterfall, one goes on the Pipiwai Trail at Haleakala National Park on a 5.9 km long trail that takes about 2 hours. On the journey to the Waimoku waterfall you should definitely put on sturdy shoes again, because the path can often be very muddy and slippery and it happens in rainy weather that you are partly up to the ankles in the mud 🙂 Two bridges - and two river crossings make the hike a varied adventure for everyone. Simply ingenious I find that there are four points on the trail where you can see something special. Previously, there were even five points, but one has been closed by the state, because it was too dangerous for the public because of falling stones.

You start climbing at the wooden hut at the parking lot, passing steep cliffs. The first stop is best made at the beautiful Banyan tree, a type of fig (Ficus), the tree is huge in size and can not be missed. Between its many, large branches you can rest briefly or take great photos, wow! Then it goes on and it does not take long and you get a great view of the Makahiku waterfall from a distance. Third point on the tour is simply insane: where at the beginning you still walk over roads and looked into deep canyons you now come to an Bamboo forest. The poles of the bamboo are partly grown so close together that you think it would be already in the middle of the night. A super experience to see such high bamboo, where you can then also still go through. Be sure to take lots of photos, dear ones! Now it goes step by step and you are in front of the mighty Waimoku waterfall, which lets its water fall from 100 meters.

My tip for you: The waterfall on Maui is very famous and also a popular destination with many tour operators, so please leave early and remember the sunscreen, water bottles to drink and bug spray! 😉

The Opaekaa case is located on the beautiful island Kauai and is one of the most accessible waterfalls on Hawaiiwhich flows into a hidden water basin. Accessible in this case means that you can see the waterfall directly from the road. You would not even have to get out of the car 🙂 A waterfall "drive thru", so to speak 😉

Opaekaa means in the Hawaiian language "rolling shrimp" and probably dates from the time when shellfish were still present here in great abundance. The waterfall is located 4 miles southwest of Kapaa. In good weather the waterfall has a double cascadeBut if it has rained a lot, the two become one big one. On sunny days, the visit to the falls is more spectacular, as on cloudy days, because the waterfall and all the vegetation then glisten and sparkle in the sun's rays. Just totally fabulous. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get to the basin where the waterfall flows in. This access is blocked by a fence since 2006, because two women had fatal accidents there. My tip for you: Go to the Opaekaa Lookout Head towards the mountain, cross the road there and you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the valley along the Wailua River. You can see there forever vastness and take great photos. This is what freedom feels like! 🙂 The Opaekaa Falls, like the Uluwehi case, from the Wai'ale'ale mountain and thus forms the Wailua Riverwhich flows through the whole of Kauai and ensures that everything remains so lush green. This river has also been the setting for the Indiana Jones movie because of its beauty. Woooow!

rainbow falls hilo big island

At Big Island I would like to present to you the Akaka waterfall introduce. On the northern Hamakua coast and 18 km north of Hilo at Akaka Falls State Park are located the Akaka waterfall and the Kahuna Waterfall. Since the Kahuna case seems rather small at 30 meters, the Akaka case with proud 135 meters even more and is therefore also the most famous waterfall on Big Island. The hiking trail to the waterfalls is not so strenuous and in about 1 hour you reach your destination. Thanks to the developed and concrete hiking trails, the tour is even feasible with flip flops 😉 Nature lovers get their money's worth on the entire way to the falls, because it goes through the rainforest. Orchids, long hanging fern species and bamboo groves sweeten the way. A beautiful, luminous tour through the jungle. Simply recommended!

akaka falls Big Island
hidden waterfall big island Big Island

The last island with an incredibly impressive waterfall, is Molokai. The Moaula waterfall is located in the heart of the island in the Halawa Valley. The trail starts at a small church and takes about 2-3 hours. It goes again across the jungle, along the stream into the island. On the way you can marvel at mango trees, banana trees, ginger, orchids and many ferns, but be careful here too, the mosquitoes are your constant companion 😉 The paths to the waterfall are well marked, so you can not get lost. My tip here for you: Remember to wear good shoes if you choose this trail, because here you often cross the stream on the way to the 80 meter high Moaula Fall.

Who stays dry here? 🙂          

Arrived at the waterfall, you can finally recover from the heat and splash around in the 10 meter wide pool of the Moaula waterfall. Simply madness to bathe under a waterfall.

Which waterfalls do you like the most? Maybe others that I have not mentioned? Let us know and we'll report on it! 😉

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