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Discover the most beautiful destinations in Hawaii with our package tours

Hawaii has so much to offer you with its dream islands - whether it is the huge volcanoes, the dreamlike bathing bays or the unique underwater world are. There's something for everyone in Hawaii, making it all the more difficult for you to narrow down your vacation experiences. Our package tours make it easy for you, because all you have to decide is which flight do I want to take there and back? And what fascinates me the most in Hawaii? For example, we offer you round trips where you can get an excellent picture of the most beautiful places. Very close to nature you are on our package tours through the most magnificent rainforests and national parks. Pure culture can be found on our City trips. You can travel even further into history here than in Greece or Egypt. With the package tours you get to know many facets of the Pacific Islands: You'll see the enchanting stretches of beach, come into contact with the charming locals and you'll enjoy unique views on the coastal roads. Unlike package tours to Turkey or Majorca, you will dive into a completely different world in Hawaii - it is a mix of Asia, the Caribbean and South Seas charm.

With our package tours you leave the planning and compilation to our experts. They will compare the best offers for you and they know popular hotels.. The professionals will book your hotel incl. board for you. Of course you can also ask us for a specific hotel. Maybe you know a special offer from your vacation in Turkey, Egypt or Mallorca? We will surely find the hotel in Hawaii that offers you that. Learn more about our service, which goes far beyond hotel and flight. Even in the last minute we will find the right flight to paradise.

All inclusive travel to Hawaii - this is what you can expect from our offers

With our travel packages you are well taken care of on your vacation - from the flight to Hawaii to the flight back home. We offer you the packages all year round, because after all, Hawaii has vacation weather at all times. Click through our offers, because any Package tour sets other priorities. Of course, it also depends on how many days you want to spend on the dream islands; maybe you come from your trip from Thailand and plan only one week on Hawaii? We will be happy to adapt the travel packages to your individual travel duration. By the way, you have even more freedom with our travel modules, which you can put together yourself. Or you can plan your trip with us right away Individual trip. This service also costs you nothing, of course.

What services are included in the packages? Firstly, we ensure the perfect accommodation for you. No matter whether you prefer to stay in hotels or apartments. Depending on how extensive you want the trip, breakfast and dinner are included in the price. The trips also include the means by which you get from one place to another. Sometimes this is a Rental car, but also by boat or by bike the tropical islands can be explored well. For island hopping, the short flights between the islands are included. Not only do we take you to the highlights of the Hawaii Islands on the package tours, but we also book exciting excursions for you. For example, look forward to kayaking trips and snorkeling adventures with the package tours. The versatility is what distinguishes Hawaii from package tours to Ibiza or Crete. While in Greece or in Sardinia you can enjoy the Beach vacation you will cross more than 20 climate zones in Hawaii - from sub-zero temperatures to a tropical climate, everything is represented here.

We will find the hotel that exactly meets your needs

As you are used to from your vacation on Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or from Turkey, also on Hawaii you will find beautiful hotel facilities on you. In our package tours we accommodate you in the best hotels and apartments on the islands. Whether all inclusive or half board, you decide how much luxury it may be in your vacation. The noble hotels on Maui about are in no way inferior to Dubai. Cheap and large apartments are ideal for family vacation packages. Our hotels are located on the most beautiful beaches and they can be easily reached with the rental car reach. After an eventful day you can relax in the hotel. You probably know it from luxurious hotels in Italy or Spain - the accommodations here offer you about a large Wellness program and well maintained pool facilities. After a restful night in the hotel, the next day you can continue your journey of discovery. Do you have any questions or requests during your travels? We are also on site every minute for you.

We will tell you which offers your hotel has to offer. If you wish, we can book snorkeling courses for you from the hotel or you can take part in a golf course. There are plenty of offers for your free time - so your hotel stay alone will be a special experience. You will forget your previous trips to Egypt, Turkey or the Canary Islands. If you like it so much in Hawaii that you want to stay longer - no problem: We will book you a later flight on request and extend your stay at the hotel at the last minute. So in another week you can take a surf course on Oahu attach. From Hawaii you can reach us around the clock by phone or mail.

There and back - on our package tours the best flights are included

Do you want to start your package tour from Cologne, Hamburg, Munich or another airport in Germany? Or are you flying from Vienna, Paris or another European city? Our offers are valid from several major airports in Europe. Our goal is to, get you to Hawaii safely, comfortably and affordably. For this we will find cheap offers for you. Whether for early bookers or for last minute travelers - our package tours always include the right round trip. We coordinate flight and hotel for you - so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

As versatile as Hawaii: discover the offers for your package tour

On a package tour you see especially many facets of the island paradises and at the same time you save time and money. We as Hawaii experts plan the trips for you down to the smallest detail. So you can be sure that you will spend an unforgettable trip in the Pacific Republic. From Germany you will arrive by plane in Hawaii's capital Honolulu an. International flights from all continents land here at the country's largest airport. It makes sense to spend several days in the metropolis. From Honolulu you can enjoy the attractions of Oahu. After a few days your flight will leave for the next Hawaiian island. Until then, excursions by rental car and dreamlike round trips are waiting for you. More romantic is it on our Cruises: You will settle in the luxury ship and visit the most beautiful places of all the islands. Depending on how long you want to travel, you will see more of Hawaii's facets. We have put together the right package tour for every taste. Here you will find a small selection of our offers. More information about the packages, our terms and conditions and about the country and its people can be found on our website.

But unlike a travel agency or anywhere else on the Internet, we offer you a special service Our package tours are perfectly coordinated experiences, but we always look forward to your individual ideas! For example, you want to experience the Diving deepen your knowledge on the journey? Then just get in touch with us or browse through our Travel modules for possible long-distance trips. Here you will find accommodation, price, attractions and excursions around a specific theme. According to your own ideas you can create your individual trip alone or together with us. But now let us introduce you to our fully planned travel offers:

Hawaii for lovers: our packages for romantic weeks

You are looking for the perfect destination for your Honeymoon? Then forget Tenerife, Egypt and Tunisia. Hawaii offers you everything for romantic togetherness. In Asia and Africa, you can also meet after the wedding pampered, but worldwide the Hawaiian Islands are considered a particularly popular destination for newlyweds. You can even get married in the big hotels in Maui or Oahu. You don't have to worry about the buffet, the photographer or the location. And the backdrop of palm trees and the gentle waves of the Pacific guarantees you a dream wedding. For more information about prices and current offers, please contact our customer advisors. For your honeymoon we also offer beautiful trips to Hawaii. Relax with your loved one in the picturesque Hanauma Bay and then fly on to the green lung of the island chains: On the north coast of Kauai wait unforgettable sunsets on you. With the rental car you both have enough freedom to arrange the round trips according to your wishes. For the day planning we offer help for romantic excursions - how about for example an Helicopter flight over Kauai?

Island hopping: explore several islands at once on our package tours

If you've fallen in love with a particular Hawaiian island, then our round trips are for you. Similar to the Dominican Republic and the other islands of the Caribbean, Maui & Co are very close to each other. So you can travel them relaxed in your vacation. Kauai, Oahu, Maui, the Big Island and the smaller tourist islands are connected by regular flights. It's almost like getting on a train in Germany - it's that easy to fly from island to island. Our package tours show you therefore several Hawaii islands at once. Depending on whether your focus is on nature, romance or Hawaii's culture, they will head to other locations in the Hawaiian Islands. Flights are included and booked for you in advance. So you don't have to worry about anything when you get there. On a two-week vacation you will then stay on average three days on the largest islands. Island hopping is great for one person, but it also makes your family vacation a varied time: dream beaches like in Thailand invite you to relax and do water sports. For children - no matter what age - there is a lot to do on the beach: From snorkeling to the surfing You can spend your time on the coast, from playing beach volleyball together. You can end the day with a picnic in the setting sun. Our package tours take you and your family to the cultural highlights and bring you close to the country and its people.

Travel by boat to Hawaii's highlights

Cruises are a great opportunity to be able to visit many places on vacation. Maybe you know the round trips by ship through the Mediterranean. In just one trip you get to see Malta, Madeira, Portugal and Mallorca and you don't even have to check in at the airport. The republic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is perfect for cruises, because the volcanic islands only a few hours away from each other by ship Are. From Berlin, Frankfurt or another large city in Germany you get on the plane. Of course, we also offer connections from Switzerland or Austria. At the airport of Honolulu you will be duly welcomed with flower wreaths. Now you have enough time to get to know the metropolis. Whether you want to Waikiki Beach relax, stroll through the upscale boutiques or visit the museums - it's up to you. Refresh yourself with the country's typical shave ice or discover the varied cuisine in the restaurants. Then it's off to the ship. Since the cruise ship sails at night, you'll have plenty of time to explore Hawaii. Excursions like to the legendary Pearl Harbour or to the impressive volcanic craters are included. Whether with a partner or with a child, cruises are a particularly relaxed version of island hopping. You see so many different places without having to change accommodations. One week is short for the cruise, so it is best to plan At least two weeks for your trip.

City breaks or off to nature? There are package tours for every taste

The beauty of our package tours: You don't have to worry about missing out on anything in Hawaii. On each trip you will discover the contrasting regions of the republic. But our trips are not quite so all-inclusive! Each vacation sets a different focus. For example, get to know the magnificent landscapes and the impressive flora and fauna of Hawaii. On Maui you have the opportunity, Luxury vacation with adventure: At the resort, you can relax by the pool or in the spa area - just like you're used to at 5-star hotels in Mallorca or Gran Canaria. With a rental car you go into the wilderness: On Maui, volcanic craters and rainforests await you. To immerse yourself in Hawaii's nature, the island of Kauai is a must. Not for nothing it is called the Garden island called. You explore the jungle landscapes on the signposted roads. We will book the rental car for you. Continue to the Big Island: You will take part in a hike through the famous Volcanoes National Park. If you want, you can enjoy the view from Mount Kea, the highest mountain on the main island. Some excursions are included in the program; others you can book additionally. Booking is possible in advance, but also on site.

When you City trips then we show the most beautiful cities and villages on our package tours. You start your vacation in Honolulu, where your first hotel is located. Besides the capital, there are picturesque places on every Hawaiian island where you can get close to the inhabitants and marvel at their culture. City breaks will take you to monuments, breathtaking architecture and exciting museums. Since the cities are usually close to the coast, the beach is never far away. So you can on your travels every now and then relax on the fine sandy beaches. In front of Honolulu, Waikiki Beach with its noble hotels awaits your visit. In high season, however, it is as crowded as beaches in Majorca or Turkey. That's why it's best to search for your favorite beach around the smaller cities. Here you will find idyllic baysas you might know them from Croatia or Cyprus. There are also attractive hotels for you here

Book your package tour now - last minute or early bird

Just like in the Caribbean or in Egypt, Hawaii has wonderful vacation weather all year round. That is why we offer our package tours At any time of the year an. As an early booker, the anticipation of your vacation in paradise increases, while you can catch very cheap deals at the last minute - that is, lastminute. Before you book, just have a look at our website and get to know our team. You will get valuable information about Hawaii and find out what you especially want to experience on your trip. Our team is always at your disposal. Free of charge and without obligation, we will book your trip with the desired flight, hotel and excursions for you. However, you have the last word when it comes to long-distance travel: Simply share your questions, concerns and wishes with us! We are available daily and around the clock. After all, the ultimate goal of our jobs is to give you a dream vacation. Information about our privacy policy and our terms and conditions can be found on our website.

Want up-to-date info about Hawaii, the trips we offer and our tour operators? Our Newsletter provides you with the latest events in Hawaii. By mail we inform you in the newsletter about current package tours and cheap offers. Follow also our Blog . Here you can get the latest news from our local staff. So you can get in the mood for your vacation every minute from Germany and prepare for your dream trip.

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