Paradise Cove Beach

Suitable for:
Everyone, nature lovers, families, couples
Insider tip or tourist spot?
Well known, but not overcrowded
Insider Tip
Time needed:
1 hours
Optimal arrival time:
16:00 o' clock
Suitable for:
Everyone, nature lovers, families, couples
Insider tip or tourist spot?
Well known, but not overcrowded
Insider Tip
Time needed:
1 hours
Optimal arrival time:
16:00 o' clock

Details of the beach

Ausstattung am Paradise Cove Beach
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The beach is popular for:
Picnics, Sunsets, Swimming, Snorkelling)
Beach material
Fine sand
Sand colour:
4000 sqm
Entry into the sea
Sight in the sea
Very clear

Paradise Cove Beach - Beschreibung

Hidden paradise on the west coast of Oahu

Powder sugar white sand, green coconut palms and turquoise blue sea. Paradise Cove lives up to its name. Also, the cove provides a natural environment for seals or sea turtles.

If you haven't heard of the natural cove, you probably won't get to see its beauty. The hidden Paradise Cove is located in the west of Oahu and belongs to the beaches, which have preserved their originality. Lonely and romantic, the beach is located behind the Paradise Cove Luau and can only be reached via a small path. Some may think that the beach is a private beach and belongs to the Paradise Cove Luau, but this is not the case. The beach is accessible to everyone via the path. Once the narrow path lined with palm trees is passed, the beach awaits its visitors with fine sand and crystal clear water. Shallow and slow, the beach slopes down into the water for a relaxing swim. Rocks which lie in the sea at the end of the bay border the area to the open ocean and keep off strong waves as well as powerful sea currents.

Depending on the time of day and certainly some luck plays a role, visitors to the beach can spot sea turtles in the crystal clear water. Seals can also be seen from time to time on the beach and enjoy the warm rays of the sun. There is nothing wrong with taking photos as a souvenir but it should be remembered that this is the natural habitat of the animals and they do not want to be touched or held. Those who want to cool off in the clear, calm water should always take care of themselves and others. There is no lifeguard here. The rocks in the sea keep currents away but this does not guarantee that stronger currents can't still appear in the protected bay.

Those who spend the entire day in the hidden bay will be rewarded with a breathtaking sunset in the evening. Every day, the sun sinks into the horizon in vibrant orange and red colors, bathing sailboats in deep black silhouettes and reflecting its strong hues in the waves of the sea.

Information for visitors

Beach facilities:

Paradise Cove is a secluded paradise in its original state. Guests who come here are on a hidden beach that few vacationers visit to enjoy the breathtaking tranquillity. Therefore, there is nothing here except for a few parking spaces. No washrooms, no beach attendants, and no picnic tables either. The opposite Paradise Cove Luau does not like it when beach visitors want to use their facilities, such as toilets.

Directions and parking:

If you travel by car from Waikiki, it takes about 40 minutes. To do so, simply drive west on Highway 1 until you reach the Ko'olina exit. You have to turn right as soon as a signpost for Lanikuhonua appears. After a short time, you will find the parking lot on the right side.

On weekdays it is usually no problem to get a parking space but on weekends it might be difficult. There are only 12 parking spaces available at Paradise Cove. It is worth to be there early.

Visitors who want to reach the beach by public bus from Waikiki are less lucky here. Similar to Ko'olina Lagoons, it takes a lot of effort to reach the beach by bus. Several bus changes are necessary and a one-way trip takes about 3 hours.

What we say

Even without going into the water, the green sea turtles and colourful fish can be seen up close in the crystal clear sea.
Our checklist & tips:
  • No toilets, showers and also no lifeguards
  • Only a few parking spaces available
  • Turtles and seals can be observed up close here
  • Very suitable for small children

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Map and contact data

Longitude: -158.12770379891566
Latitude: 21.342333532877735

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