Sunset Beach Park

Suitable for:
Everyone, active traveller, nature lover, families
Insider tip or tourist spot?
Well known, but not overcrowded
Insider Tip
Time needed: 1-2 hours
1.5 hours
Optimal arrival time:
16:00 o' clock
Suitable for:
Everyone, active traveller, nature lover, families
Insider tip or tourist spot?
Well known, but not overcrowded
Insider Tip
Time needed: 1-2 hours
1.5 hours
Optimal arrival time:
16:00 o' clock

Current weather and surf conditions

Stand from: 24. November 2022, 02:55:03
82° Fahrenheit
Partly Cloudy
Wind: North at 8.1 MPH (7 KT)
Surf Conditions
20-25 feet
Nearshore: extreme
Offshore: extreme

Sunset Beach Park - Description

Surfing, snorkeling and relaxing at Sunset Beach

A breathtaking beach of Oahu, a paradise for surfers in winter and a dream beach with calm, gentle waves in summer. Underwater snorkelling adventures and spectacular sunsets in vibrant colours are included.

In the north of the island of Oahu on Highway 83 lies Sunset Beach, which is about 3 kilometres long. The beach got its name due to the breathtaking sunsets. Every day, the setting sun bathes the ocean and surrounding landscape in deep orange-red colours and slowly disappears as a glowing ball of fire on the horizon. The vibrant colours are reflected in the ocean, creating a breathtaking image. There are few places in the world where you can see such a fascinating sunset. Besides Waimea Bay and Ehukai Beach (Banzai Pipeline), which is right next door, Sunset Beach is another widely known surf spot in Hawaii. The beach is one of the beaches where the Triple Crown Surfing Contest, one of the most famous surfing competitions, is held annually. Five to ten meter high waves roll in the roaring ocean and challenge surfers to conquer the gigantic waves. Unlike other beaches in Hawaii, the waves do not break close to the beach, but far out in the ocean. To see the surf pros from Sunset Beach in action, it is recommended to have binoculars at hand. As the winter months pass and summer begins, the gigantic waves also flatten out and the rough ocean at Sunset Beach turns into a swimming and snorkeling paradise. The long sandy beach makes it easy to relax and enjoy the sunshine in the warm fine sand. In the water, you can not only find the necessary cooling but also heaps of colorful fish and sea creatures. Sunset Beach is a popular spot for snorkeling and exploring the underwater world during the summer months. Important: If you want to snorkel here, you should not forget to pack your own equipment.

Good to know

Facilities at Sunset Beach:

At Sunset Beach in the north of Oahu, the hustle and bustle on the beach is monitored during the day by lifeguards and beach supervisors. In addition to the safety of the swimmers, the lifeguards are of enormous importance, especially for the many surfers.

Attention: One of the less beautiful or negative sides of Sunset Beach. Unfortunately, this area is known for burglaries or thefts. However, this should not be an obstacle to visiting the beach. You should simply enjoy the beach visit with a reasonable amount of caution. Those who leave their cars in the parking lot should refrain from leaving valuables inside and even on the towel on the beach, you should not leave your valuables unattended.

Directions and parking:

Those who want to visit Sunset Beach have several possibilities to get there. If you travel by car, you will reach Sunset Beach via Kamehameha Highway. When approaching the beach, there are also signs which make it much easier to find. For those arriving by car, parking is available at the beach, which can be used for free. Alternatively, there is the possibility to use the public bus. From Waikiki, there are several options to get to the beach, depending on the time of day. Those who take the bus have to change buses two or three times to get to the northern beaches, such as Sunset Beach.

What we say

This beach lives up to its name, the sunset here is a must!
Our checklist & tips:
  • Must enjoy the sunset here
  • One of the most popular surf spots on the island in winter
  • Free parking
  • Be careful with the valuables

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Map and contact data

Longitude: -158.041000366210
Latitude: 21.674299240112

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